Image of the Week – 218 (An Unnecessary War)

On 19th March 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched, an invasion of Iraq by some 160,000 troops of the combined forces from the USA, the UK, Australia and Poland.

According to U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the coalition mission was “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people.

On 9 April 2003, Baghdad was formally occupied by Coalition forces. Much of Baghdad remained unsecured however, and fighting continued within the city and its outskirts well into the period of occupation. Saddam had vanished, and his whereabouts were unknown.

He was eventually captured on 13th December and executed on the 30th, with an unauthorised video of the event being circulated widely.

The invasion led to an insurgency against the occupying forces and the newly installed Iraqi government which was to last until 18 December 2011 with the withdrawal of US ground troops.

The country has suffered continued strife ever since. As this map of Iraq and its neighbour Syria shows, large areas are occupied by non-government forces, including ISIS, Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, Syrian rebels, and al-Qaeda.

And the people of Iraq are not free.

The number of deaths and injuries among combatants on all sides, and civilian casualties, plus the number displaced – Including refugees in camps and those migrants who made dangerous journeys seeking a safe life elsewhere – is nigh on impossible to quantify, but the many millions could well eventually surpass the total figures of World War Two.

Other consequences have been seen far beyond the Middle East, with terrorist outrages in Europe, Australia, the USA and here in Indonesia, as well as rising xenophobia leading to political turmoil: vide Trump and Brexit.

And it all started with a lie: Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. Not only that, but the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, believed that the invasion was illegal.

Iraq War Inquiry

Snippets about ‘violence’ …

….. not gleaned from the local media.*

1. Whilst Indonesian football fans are disappointed yet with the loss, in a penalty shoot out, to Malaysia in the final of the ASEAN Games, they appear to have faced the defeat with a rare equanimity. They didn’t when Indonesia lost to Malaysia in the group stages.

Emilia Abdul Hamid has an interesting question in the Guardian’s Football Knowledge.

My national team Malaysia beat Indonesia 1-0 at their home ground in a South East Asia Games group match last week and needed to be smuggled out of the stadium using two of Indonesia’s military armoured vehicles as 1000s of Indonesian fans were ready to topple the team bus. Are there any other similar cases where the winning team needed to be whisked out from the ground using non-civilian transport, a tank perhaps?

2. Whilst Indonesia agonises over the deal to site an American military base in Darwin, the Australian city closest to Indonesia, the Republican Party is trying to select a candidate to oppose Barack Obama in next year’s presidential election.

At a recent televised debate, candidate Mitt Romney (who’s currently second favourite to win the nomination, if not the election) used Indonesia as an example of what to do in Afghanistan.

Perhaps he was referring to war games.

3. At some point, countries which brutalise the citizens of its colonies must face up to their sins. Hence, following a ruling by a Dutch court, Holland is now discussing compensation for the massacre on 9th December 1947 of an estimated 431 men in the village of Rawagede (now Balongsari) in West Java. Because the people of the village would not tell where the Indonesian independence fighter Lukas Kustario was hiding – and research has shown that in fact the people of the village did not know where he was hiding – almost all males from the village were killed by the Dutch military.
(*The Jakarta Globe does carry this story, but not the Post.)

These three snippets have violence at their core.

So now for some good news: after 30 years, a new TV series of the Muppets has been commissioned, partly thanks to the buzz about a new Muppet movie which has got millions excited and so joyous that a new word has been coined for us: kidults.

Corporate Bullshit and Thuggery

Every so often the Jakarta Post carries a ‘Supplement’ or ‘Special Issue’ devoted to  ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. These are in fact nothing but advertisements, as anyone prepared to plough through the verbiage can discover.

Today’s page 9 begins thus: The implementation of corporate social responsibilty (CSR) is decidedly one of the real or tangible steps of a company that applies good corporate governance (GCG).

“Real” or “tangible”? Tangible means visible, able to be touched etc., i.e. ‘real’!

The GCG includes a number of related pillars, namely transparency and accountability by as company’s resposnsible and professional management as well as its owners for the sake of all concerned stakeholders. The public in general, including consumers who are an inseperable part of a company’s existence, will always demand that a company’s operations are clean and friendly.

I don’t think that last bit is true; too many consumers look for brand names without caring about the sweat shops, and poor folk couldn’t give a damn about GCG when one’s priority in life is to feed and clothe one’s children.

The more I read of today’s advertorial, the more concerned I got. In essence, it is a glorification of PT Sinar Mas’ rehabilitation of “degraded peatland” in South Sumatra.

Every year, at this time, vast areas of Indonesia are set on fire in order to clear land for agriculture. It’s generally blamed on ‘squatters’ moving on to ‘private’ land or into a national park. However, that blame is apportioned by companies such as PT Sinar Mas and the politicos in their pockets, who reap vast profits from their palm oil plantations on hitherto primary rainforest or peatland.

What the page of corporate bullshit doesn’t say is that, after facing immense criticism in Indonesia for its clearance of tropical rainforest and peatlands in Borneo and Sumatra in violation of Indonesian law and the company’s own standards, … the Sinar Mas Group is also facing the prospect of limited future expansion under Indonesia’s proposed moratorium on peatland and natural forest conversion. The moratorium is part of the government’s partnership with Norway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation.

Today’s Sinar Mas advertorial is, therefore, something of a mea culpa and a ‘get out of jail free’ card except …. the ‘degraded’ peatland is planted with acacia crassicarpa (common name: wattle), which is suitable for land reclamation, fuelwood and pulpwood plantations.

Exactly one year ago, Greenpeace International which issued a report – How Sinar Mas is
Pulping The Planet

Greenpeace investigated two important rainforest areas on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and discovered that Sinar Mas is wreaking environmental havoc in both. The Bukit Tigapuluh Forest Landscape is one of the last refuges for endangered Sumatran tigers and orang-utans. Kerumutan’s carbon rich peatlands are a key defence against climate change; some of the forest’s peat is deeper than three meters and thus illegal to clear under Indonesian law. Sinar Mas’ paper arm APP uses the logs from these rainforest areas to feed its Sumatran based pulp mills, which export pulp and paper products worldwide.

These are just two of many important rainforests being decimated by Sinar Mas for pulp and paper and palm oil expansion. Indonesian President Yudyohono’s new commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation will be undermined unless he extends the moratorium on new deforestation licenses to cover all forest and peatlands that are currently slated for destruction by Sinar Mas and other companies.

Several leading companies have already responded to Greenpeace evidence of the Sinar Mas group’s illegal and destructive environmental practices in Indonesia and are cancelling their contracts with the Indonesian palm oil and paper giant. (These include General Mills, Unilever, Kraft, Nestle and Lego.) Greenpeace is calling on the rest to follow suit.

While I appreciate that the Post needs advertisements in order to keep the cover price of the paper down, I find it rather strange that this particular advertorial is carried in the same week a major two part exposé of how that pork barrel politics are entrapping the country’s farmers – vote for us and we’ll give you fertiliser.

But something more sinister may be afoot.

A video, released by Greenpeace, of a young tiger trapped on the fringe of a Sinar Mas company’s acacia plantation has gone viral. Yes, the tiger may have been trapped by local villagers, but they and the tiger have been displaced by the plantation.

What is sinister is that suddenly it’s Greenpeace which is under attack. It’s not the first time that Sinar Mas have used bullying tactics against Greenpeace, but using the Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR) is surely a step too far.

The FBR are demanding that Greenpeace should register with the National and Political Unity Agency (NPUA), which I’d never heard of till now. That Greenpeace is registered with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights seems to be overlooked, but one may legitimately ask if the FBR is registered with the NPUA.

Furthermore, the FBR have received the verbal backing of a legislator, Effendy Choirie, who sits on a parliamentary commission overseeing security and foreign affairs. He seems to be unaware that Sinar Mas is part of a Singapore-based company, and accuses Greenpeace of “trying to ruin [Indonesia’s} sovereignty,” whereas surely it’s Sinar Mas which in destroying the country’s eco-system has actually succeeded.

One may assume, therefore, that if Pak Effendy isn’t incredibly stupid, then he’s either shit-scared of FBR or he’s in the pay of Sinar Mas. They presumably haven’t told him that having screwed up vast areas of Indonesia they are now out to ruin the sovereignty of Liberia.

Yes, Sinar Mas is following the lead of Sime Darby, which has ruined areas of Kalimantan, Sumatera and Sulawesi, in establishing vast plantations in the African country founded by ‘free’ slaves, but which is now being enslaved by oil companies.

Gentlemen, gentlemen ….

My post Pancasila Yes, Komunis No referred to the here and now, and I hoped that commentators would recognise this rather than arguing about the death toll in the mass killings and disappearances of Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI) members, associates and others in 65/66. The true figure will never be known and Indonesia has never recovered from the trauma.

There won't be a resolution without a Truth and Reconciliation process, one which the nation as a whole accepts. The problem is that there are groups with their own agendas; without the fearful spectre of communism, they have no rational basis for their existence.

My original purpose was to indicate that to all apearances SBY is party to these anti-social viewpoints.

I could have argued, coherently I hope, that Pancasila and communism at their core are both viable social creeds binding humanity together. Others would argue in favour of many other -sms (e.g.capitalism) and the full panoply of religions, 'designed' to bind humanity together in supposed harmony.

However, there is not one mass idealogical movement which has survived in its purest form thanks to a few key individuals who have interpreted/subverted the original messages to their own egotistical ends. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao (through the 'Gang of Four') and, of course, Suharto, are obvious examples. Hitler, with his acolytes Mussolini and Franco, developed National Socialism (which has come to be known as fascism) having read Karl Marx's Das Kapital, albeit rejecting it as the work of "an insane mind".

The link I've given includes the following quote from Hitler's Mein Kampf, written before he fully embraced the notion of the superiority of Aryan races.

It is quite evident that only to a tiny degree are public wishes or public necessities satisfied by the manner in which an election takes place; for everybody who properly estimates the political intelligence of the masses can easily see that this is not sufficiently developed to enable them to form general political judgments on their own account, or to select the men who might be competent to carry out their ideas in practice.

Whatever definition we may give of the term 'public opinion', only a very small part of it originates from personal experience or individual insight. The greater portion of it results from the manner in which public matters have been presented to the people through an overwhelmingly impressive and persistent system of 'information'.

In the religious sphere the profession of a denominational belief is largely the result of education, while the religious yearning itself slumbers in the soul; so too the political opinions of the masses are the final result of influences systematically operating on human sentiment and intelligence in virtue of a method which is applied sometimes with almost-incredible thoroughness and perseverance.

In 2006, SBY called for the nation to follow Pancasila.

"Let us make Pancasila the basis for reform. In this period of transition, many of us tend to create new realities and directions but abandon the old values, which should become part of our identity and be used as a tool for unity.

"We should end the debate on alternatives to the Pancasila as our ideology. We should keep on with efforts to increase the people's welfare and to uphold justice based on the ideology that we have"

Pancasila, Yudhoyono said, was an ideology that saw all Indonesians as equal, despite their different faiths and ethnicities.

That all sounds very good, but his track record since then hasn't appeared to embrace those ideals, and if anything he, through the proxies of his ministers and his own silence, seems to be embracing the Suharto subverted version.

The following recent events only serve to enhance this thesis, as suggested in my original post.

1. This week, in 13th October, the Constitutional Court stripped the Attorney General’s Office of its authority to ban books.
Gone are the days when authors in the country had to live in fear of seeing their books outlawed by the government, thanks to a watershed court ruling on 13th October that expunges a 1963 law on book-banning.

Two days later, in presumably, a longing for the glorious days of the authoritarian Soeharto era, Justice and Human Rights Ministry official Hafidz Abbas said that the ministry’s efforts to study the contents of the 200 books suspected of carrying content that “pose threats to the country’s unity”.books “will definitely lead to” filing of requests to courts to ban the books.

He stressed, however, that legal suits would be a last resort after other measures were taken to “clarify” the content. If the government finds the content “tendentious”, Hafidz went on, they would first publish other books that countered the contents of the controversial books. Hafidz said that by doing so, the government expected the sales of the “problematic” books to decline and eventually stop.

University of Indonesia philosophy expert Tommy F.Awuy said, “It is a characteristic of a totalitarian state to try to find out how books are going to cause problems in order to dispute them in courts.”

2. Suharto to be declared a national hero?    
It's only a matter of time says his youngest son Tommy, the convicted murderer.

The Ministry of Social Affairs says that there are another 17 being considered, including Gus Dur and the one good Jakarta Governor, Ali Sadikin, and their decision will depend somewhat on public scrutiny.

Scrutinise thoroughly folks, scrutinise. Now is not a time to be part of the silent majority.

Pancasila Yes, Komunis No

That's the slogan to be seen on a banner just south of Grogol, the 'gateway' to West Jakarta.

I've no idea who put it there, but raising the old bugbear of a communist threat has been used by Front Pembela Islam (FPI), the military and assorted minority political groups to boost their profile. Their significance in terms of popular support is minimal, but I'm beginning to think that the evidence of the paranoia which is apparently creeping into the corridors of the presidential palace is somewhat justified.

There is some truth in the expression that just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

In yesterday's Tempointeractif, Presidential spokesperson Julian Aldrin Pasha suggests that the people around SBY have become alert to the issue of a coup d’etat.

According to Julian, in this era of democracy, every citizen has the right to voice their opinion, including criticizing the government. The government will also listen to the criticism openly.

However, Julian said, it would be much better if the criticisms were carried out for the people’s interest instead of political interest.

Hatta Rajasa, Coordinating Minister for the Economy, also said that every movement directed at overthrowing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would be violating the constitution.

So, is the threat real or are these statements mere smoke signals which drift away with the day's breeze?

I trust that the above statements were not in response to a comment left here two days ago.

"I have an old friend who is extremely clued in to the Indonesian political situation, both what the public sees and more importantly what's going on behind the scenes. He states quite matter of factly that SBY will not see out his full second term as president, he tells me that 2012 is the year to watch."

SBY is the first Indonesian president since Sukarno to be elected through a popular vote, and the first to serve a full term. Sukarno was forced out by Suharto who reigned as a Javanese king. Apart from Suharto's protege and the then vice-president Habibie who was handed power, all other presidents assumed office through the machinations of political parties, which of necessity allowed the military a role in the country's governance. (This is, of course, true of all countries, but not all armed forces have earned notoriety for their human rights violations.)

In February 1999, Habibie's Government passed the Political Parties Law. Under this law, political parties were not limited to just three as had been the case under the Suharto regime. Political parties were also not required to have Pancasila as their ideology. This resulted in the emergence of many political parties and 48 would go on to compete in the 1999 Legislative Election – the first free election since the 1955.

The word 'Pancasila' is derived from two Sanskrit words, 'panca' meaning five, and 'sila' meaning principles. The five tenets of the philosophy are:
* Belief in the one and only God.
* Just and Civilized Humanity.
* The unity of Indonesia.
* Democracy guided by consensus arising out of deliberations amongst representatives.
* Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia.

I've written before that 'belief in the one and only God' runs counter to Indonesia's Constitution which guarantees religious freedom, and, like so many observers of the Indonesian political scene, have also pointed out that the "deliberations amongst representatives" rarely offer "social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia." Yet having a philosophy as the basis of a social contract binding a nation together as it emerges, post 1998, from centuries of autocratic rule is better than none at all.

That political parties need not have Pancasila as their core philosophy could therefore explain the current political malaise.

The Islamic totalitarian impulse remains unchecked and that neither SBY
nor the mainstream Islamic groups have reined in such groups is leading
to further public disenchantment. Groups such as the FPI have been allowed to flourish thanks to both covert and overt backing.

Their targets include not only Ahmadiyah, a 200,000 strong non-violent Muslim sect, but also bars serving alcohol, gays, Christians and even traditional Javanese shadow puppet shows. The latter, an attack on indigenous Indonesian culture, can be seen as a direct challenge to the State's credo: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, loosely translated as Unity in Diversity.

Just one Islamic political party was allowed under Suharto (the United Development Party – PPP) which perforce had to agree to his version of Pancasila. Now, following last year's national election with 6.6% of the popular vote, it ranks behind the other Islamic parties which passed the threshold of 2.5% enabling them to have representatives in Parliament. The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) garnered 10.2%, and the National Mandate Party (PAN) had 7.7% of the vote. All three are part of SBY's government coalition, yet their pronouncements are seen to promote the agendas of their parties.

We have the Twittering Simplefool, formerly chairman of the so-called Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) assuming he can control access to content online media, and Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali ( PPP) denying the rights of the Ahmadiyah.

PPP has become the first political party to openly support Sri Mulyani Indrawati’s presidential bid in 2014 –  assuming the former finance minister decides to contest the election – saying she is "eligible for the top executive post due to her competence, intelligence and integrity."

That is an openly populist move, but hardly in the nature of a coup d’état.

So, which groups, apart from a few student groups who naively seek immediate change, are formenting trouble?

Could it be SBY himself?

After all, the military and police upper echelons are now stacked with his
appointees, given that police chief in waiting Comr.Gen. Timur Pradopo will undoubtably pass his
'fit and proper' test in the House of Representatives. SBY stands on his dignity – style above substance – taking umbrage at a couple of Mollucans in the Netherlands who dare to suggest that he, as President, is responsible for the torture of a negligible separatist group. He also regularly drops hints about assassination plots against himself, yet 'local terrorists' who might ultimately be responsible for such an attack are killed outright before they can be questioned.

It is a plausible conspiracy theory, and one that could eventuate given what the Post calls the Tyranny of the majority.

The one safeguard for Indonesians is that there is freedom of speech and a number of advocates and NGOs are prepared to stand up for the rights of all to live in harmony.

We must not let these rights be eroded, and must continue to demand that the popularly elected representative in the Presidential Palace on the north side of Merdeka (Freedom) Square condemns, through deeds as well as words, the actions of those who ioppose the popular will.

No Comments

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.
I Corinthians (ch. XV, v. 33)

This post is intended as a coda to yesterday's post because a number of readers have attempted to leave comments but appear to be blocked. They haven't been; no-one is apart from a few spammers trying to peddle their products with sweet, but inappropriate, words. These I can easily trash.

The following are a couple of the 'blocked' comments.

1. Anong on the Lombokans running amok

Your link to "this page" is most welcome and a real godsave. (?!?)

Seriously, how can the truth ever be known? I feel for this guy.

Thanks for adding a bit of balance to our distant (unfortunately) memory of this recent event.

2. Simon in Surabaya

"The Code’s Article 156(a) targets those who deliberately, in public, express feelings of hostility, hatred, or contempt against religions with the purpose of preventing others from adhering to any religion, and targets those who disgrace a religion. The penalty for violating Article 156(a) is a maximum of five years imprisonment."

I definitely agree. If SBY is serious in upholding the law, as he frequently claims, then those sprouting hatred in Bekasi should soon be paying a lengthy visit to a, hopefully non-luxurious, police cell.

Well they are, Simon.

Firstly, the government has recommended that the Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP) congregation should relocate their services from Ciketing to new premises in Bekasi. They have refused, claiming "the constitutional right to perform religious services” and "accepting the offer would be unwise since an agreement already existed between the congregation and the Bekasi administration."

The Bekasi administration meanwhile has offered two alternative locations.

The main aim of the government suggestion was to avoid continued attacks by Muslim residents hell-bent on preventing the construction of a church in their neighborhood.

Except that the attack was not by local residents!

The police said yesterday that they had arrested a 10th suspect, Murharli Barda, who was the head of the Bekasi branch of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI).

Police previously said that none of the suspects in the attack, which sent a church elder and a priest to hospital, were connected to mass organizations. The FPI denied involvement in the incident.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said that the latest suspect in the attack, Murharli Barda, allegedly provoked the other nine suspects to attack the church leaders.

“He was not far from the crime scene when the incident happened.”

Murharli is from Babelan, near Bekasi, while the other suspects range from 17 to 29 years of age and come from places outside Ciketing, such as the industrial areas of Bantar Gebang and Cikarang, he said.

There is little good that can be said about the self-styled Islam Defenders Front (Front Pembela Islam – FPI).

This is my 7th mention of them this year out of a total of at least 22 since I started Jakartass in early 2004. I'm not going to link to them all as just this one is a summary of many occasions when their thuggery has been condemned by all right-thinking folk.

And I will continue to offer up condemnation and, if only I could, eternal damnation until the government bans the group.

Or its members convert to atheism.

Ruminations On Unreligious Affairs Part 1

When asked to state my religion, my answer depends on the questioner.

I may state 'me', citing the mantra that if God is in all things then I am a piece of Her puzzle. If asked to be more precise, I answer that I'm a bit of everything because I follow the basic principles, the 'good' bits of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism etc.etc. because they all have a basic premise – we should try to live together in harmony.

Taking it one step further, if labels are required, I answer that I feel most in tune with animists because they are the most in tune with Mother Nature. I don't see God as a male judgmental figure but as a nurturing mother providing all living creatures with a space to survive and thrive.

If an official asks me, I answer 'Muslim', because 'Er Indoors has that on her ID card and the law has it that Indonesians must 'belong' to a registered religion and marriages between folk of different faiths are not allowed. So I made the 'sacrifice' of leaving my atheism behind for the sake of a piece of paper. (My affection for animism came later following a visit to the Mentawai on Siberut island.)

Indonesia is notionally and constitutionally a secular state; this begs the question as to why there is a Department of Religious Affairs which, among other matters, determines which religious sects can be deemed to be blasphemous, proscribed and even sent to jail.*

It also begs the question as to the government does not act against certain groups which preach 'disharmony' and which engage in violent acts against those groups which do not adhere to the narrow-minded interpretations of their particular faith.

For those with an inquiring mind, this is a justification to search for hidden agendas among the complex network of the political élite, intelligence groups, military, and business 'interests'. Why are religious groups used to stir up communal violence?

Unless we bloggers have 'proof' provided by the mainstream media and/or other published documents to provide credence to our opinions, we have to be careful when we point fingers at the rich and powerful. So what follows is based on a Jakarta Post special report on Jakarta's underworld, a report which included 'biographies' of the mafia-type groups currently operating.

Islam Defenders Front (FPI)
Notorious for its violent attacks on bars and restaurants and Islamic groups who do not follow their fundamentalist mindset, the FPI is a splinter group of the Pamswakarsa civil guard set up by the military on August 17th 1998 to support the Habibie regime which immediately followed Suharto's 'abdication'.
Membership requirement:
Muslim and able to read the Koran.

Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR)
Although supposedly established to "merely to advocate for the revival of the long-marginalized Betawi" ('native' Jakartans', the FBR is alleged to have received backing from the Jakarta administration, the military and other opponents of President Gus Dur (who was the patron of the Nadhlatul Ulama (the largest national Islamic organisation). It continues to provide support for the Jakarta bureaucracy and Islamic groups.
Membership requirement:
Betawi and Muslim.

Pemuda Pancasila (Pancasila Youth)
Established on 28th October 1959 by then army chief A.H. Nasution to fight communism. After 1978 it evolved to enlist youths to vote for Golkar, Suharto's 'functional grouping'. Allegedly involved in the bloody riot against Megawati's PDI-P H.Q. on July 27th 1996 and the sectarian violence in Ambon in 2000. Former leader and financier Yoris Raweyai is currently a Golkar legislator. However, with Golkar now a much diminished force and funding drying up, members are now moonlighting with the FPI, FBR and Laskar Jayakarta.
Membership requirement:
all ethnicities and religions.

Laskar Jayakarta (Jayakarta Warriors)
Laskar Jayakarta is a proxy group for the police; lead by Adj. Sr. Comr. Susilowadi of Jakarta's police, it "provides unofficial security protection" in Jakarta's largest entertainment centre based around Harmoni. Laskar's top officials are former members of Pemuda Pancasila, FBR, and Forkabi, the military's family forum.
Membership requirement:
all inclusive, but primarily for native Jakartans.

Eastern Indonesia factions
Primarily from the Moluccas and East Timor, these groups have been riven by competition for the provision of 'security services', especially debt collection through intimidation. A former leader, Ongen Sangaji, is now an executive in the Hanura Party founded by former military chief, Gen.(ret.) Wiranto.
Membership requirement:
exclusive to ethnicity.

Haji Lulung group
Now probably the most successful underworld group, Haji Lulung's rise, with the backing of the Jakarta administration and law enforcers, coincided with the 'need' to oppose Gus Dur. He also benefitted from the decision of the then Governor Sutiyoso to 'clean up' Tanah Abang, Southeast Asia's largest textile distribution centre, although he attributes his success to having been a member of Panca Marga Youth, a group which brings together children of military and police officers. Haji Lulung's group now also provides 'security services' to many of central Jakarta's shopping centres and other notable sites. Haji Lulung is now a city councillor for the United Development Part (PPP), the Muslim party created by Suharto.
Membership requirement: preference to native Jakartans.

It is tempting to draw too many conclusions from the above. However, it is good to have some hard information rather than the sparse gleanings of bar gossip. I hadn't realised, for example, that Jl. Pelatahan, the Blok M nightlife area which was then under the patronage and protection of Suharto's wife, Madame Tenpluspercen when I haunted it in my bachelor days, is now the domain of the Jakarta administration and police.

Suharto was wary of the power of organised Muslim groups, especially those that thought that his version of Pancasila democracy seemed hollow because it restricted the practices of Islam to family and mosque, rather than "allowing Islam to enfold the fullness of human activity, including politics". Later, in the name of 'national development', he co-opted the mainstream Muslim organisations, going to great lengths to demonstrate that he was a good Muslim, including making the haj to Mecca in May 1991.

Jakarta's current underworld owes much to the alliances formed in those days. It does seem, however, that now he's gone, predominantly Muslim groups are, with the support of the military and police, freer to engage in the full range of human activities, including the provision of 'protection' for those premises involved in unIslamic activities such as the consumption of alcohol and prostitution.

But then, Malaysia, which is much stricter in its interpretation of how a Muslim dominated society should be run, is also hypocritical in its interpretation of what is acceptable.

Muslims in Malaysia are governed by sharia law – which forbids the consumption of alcohol – in family and personal matters. The government has therefore barred Muslims from attending a concert by US hip-hop stars the Black Eyed Peas on September 25th because the event is organised by the Irish brewer Guinness.

An official at the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture said, "Muslims cannot attend. Non-Muslims can go and have fun."

So, to sum up, being a Muslim means that unless you are protected you are not allowed to have fun.

I'm confused. Should I tear up my marriage certificate?

Next: Are Muslims really responsible for recent terrorist attacks?
* I'd also like to be enlightened as to why Catholics and Protestants are deemed to be two separate religions, rather than as different manifestations of Christianity.

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