Obits 2017

You won’t find my name below, but I did get seriously worried before two courses of antibiotik overcame the worst ravages of tifus (strains of salmonella). As I’m all wrote out after thirteen and a half years, I decided that this is my final Jakartass post. It is time to return to my first love, painting (pictures, not walls.)

For those of you who are interested in ‘souvenirs’ of my efforts, do check out the downloadable themed Anthologies you’ll find in the bar above. But be quick; there’s no knowing when this site joins all the others fading into hyperspace history.

2. John Berger, 90, writer and art critic
5. Jill Saward, 51, transferred the stigma attached to raped women to their rapists
7. Mário Soares, 92, ‘father of Portuguese democracy’
7. Nat Hentoff, 91, political columnist, free speech activist and renowned jazz critic
—-He never lost his sense of rage.”
10. Clare Hollingworth, 105, war correspondent who broke news of outbreak of WWII.
12. Graham Taylor, 72, respected football manager
13. Riza Arshad, 53, Indonesian jazz keyboardist and a lovely man.
13. Antony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon), 86, photographer known for his short marriage to Princess Margaret
16. Eugene Cernan, 82, ‘last man to walk on the moon’
18. Rachael Heyhoe Flint, 77, England women’s cricket captain
23. Gorden Kaye, 75, TV actor (‘Allo, ‘Allo)
25. Mary Tyler Moore, 80, “groundbreaking television actor” (Dick Van Dyke Show +>) and producer (Hill Street Blues +)
26. Tam Dalyell, 84, Labour MP, “a titan of parliamentary scrutiny, fearless in pursuit of the truth.”
27. (Sir) John Hurt, 77, an incredibly versatile and popular film and stage actor.

28. Alexander Chancellor, 77, “a journalist and editor of grace and distinction

8. Alan Simpson, 87, half of the Galton and Simpson situation comedy writing team
17. Alan Aldridge, 73, graphic designer and illustrator
25. Bill Paxton, 61, film actor (Aliens, Apollo 13 +)

11. John Surtees, 83, only man to win F1 and motorcycle world championships
17. Derek Walcott, 87, Caribbean writer, 1992 winner of Nobel Prize for Literature
21. Martin McGuinness, 66, Northern Irish politician, formerly member of IRA
31. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, 84, Russian poet and dissident.

6. Tim Pigott-Smith, 70, actor who played ‘posh people’.
8. Brian Matthew,  88, disc jockey and radio presenter, a ‘voice for our generation’
13. Robert Taylor, 85, internet and computer pioneer, “a key architect of our modern world
24. Robert Pirsig, 88, writer ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
25. Jonathan Demme, 73, film director (Silence of the Lambs, Stop Making Sense ++)
25. Leo Baxendale, 86, cartoonist (Beano comic: Bash Street Kids, Minnie The Minx ++)

10. Geoffrey Bayldon, actor (Catweazle, my nickname at Pimlico Comprehensive Sch. in 1970)
15. Ian Brady, 75, notorious ‘Moors Murderer’
23. Roger Moore
, 89, actor TV (Ivanhoe, The Saint) and film (James Bond No.3), Unicef ambassador
28. John Noakes, 83, TV presenter (Blue Peter, Go With Noakes)
29. Manuel Noriega, 83, military officer, strongman>corrupt president of Panama

2. Peter Sallis, 96, actor (Last Of The Summer Wine and voice of Wallace)

10. Adam West, 88, actor (60s TV Batman & Mayor West on Family Guy)

10. Julia ‘Jupe’ Perez, 36, Indonesian dangdut singer who faced down the Fundamentally Perverted Islamists
14. Anita Pallenberg, 73, actor, model and muse to the Rolling Stones
19. Brian Cant, 83, presenter of Play School, voice of Trumpton and Camberwick Green
27. Michael Bond, 91, author of Paddington Bear stories
30. Simone Veil, 89, French Auschwitz survivor, lawyer who became Minister of Health.
30. Barry Norman, 83, “the defining voice of film criticism.”

1. Heathcote Williams, 75, poet and dramatist: “His overriding commitment was to the written word as a means of liberation, activism, galvanic dissent, the harrowing of hell and the soaring of souls.”
13. Liu Xiaobo, 61, Chinese author, political prisoner and Nobel peace laureate
15. Martin Landau, 89, actor and Oscar winner
15. Maryam Mirzakhani, 40, first and only woman to win the prestigious Fields medal in mathematics.
16. George A. Romero, 77, film director, creator of Zombie genre (Night of the Living Dead, 1968)
16. Clancy Sigal, journalist, writer and activist, at home in London and his native USA)
21. John Heard, 71, actor (Cutters Way, Home Alone)
25. Hywel Bennett, 73, TV and film actor.
27. Sam Shepherd, 73, actor and playwright
31. Jeanne Moreau, 89, half-English French film icon (Jules et Jim)

3. Robert Hardy, 91, actor (famed for his portrayal of Winston Churchill – 8 times)
18. (Sir) Bruce Forsyth, 89, UK TV entertainer, show host for c.60 years.

19. Brian Aldiss, 92, writer, “grand old man of British science fiction“.
20. Jerry Lewis, 91, “king of comedy  … a kind of primitivist genius
26. Tobe Hooper, 74, horror film director (Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist +)

11. (Sir) Peter Hall, 86, a lot more than a  ‘theatre producer and director’
13. Frank Vincent, 80, actor who regularly played gangsters (Sopranos, Goodfellas, Casino ++), and 60’s drummer
15. Harry Dean Stanton, 91, ‘cult’ film actor: filmography

25. Tony Booth, 85, actor (‘Scouse git’ son-in-law of Alf Garnett)
27. Hugh Hefner, 91, serial misogynist, founder of Playboy

1. Arthur Janov, 93, psychologist who created ‘primal scream’ therapy
16. Roy Dotrice, 94, leading character actor on UK stage and US TV

19. Jane Novotna, 49,  former no.1 women’s singles and doubles tennis champion
19. Charles Manson, 83, pseudo-satanic sociopath, cult leader, notorious murderer
21. Rodney Bewes, 79, actor, best known as one of The Likely Lads (video
29. Bondan Winarno, 67, culinary expert. [Note: I edited his Kecap Manis (pub. Afterhours Books. 2016)]

4. Christine Keeler, 75, model and showgirl at the centre of the Profumo affair
15. Heinz Wolff, 89, scientist and Great Egg Race presenter
21. Bruce McCandless, 80, Nasa astronaut, the original ‘Major Tom’.

28. Sue Grafton, 77, crime novelist (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet series).

Obits 2016

According to its editor, the Guardian’s obituaries page is no longer able to fit in all the public figures who would have historically figured on the page because of the rise in high-profile deaths. The nature of fame and celebrity has changed radically in the past decade, with the rise in internet use and mobile devices such as smartphones, along with the plethora of television channels available.

And that is why I’ve a separate obits post for musicians here.

9. Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart, 74, former BBC DJ and Crackerjack presenter.
11. David Bowie, 69, “The androgynous bisexual rock star from another planet.
—–The news as it broke ….

13. Giorgio Gomelsky, 81, “one of the more important non-musicians in rock history
14. Alan Rickman, 69, a fine film and stage actor with a very distinctive voice.

22. Cecil Parkinson, 84, immoral Conservative party politician partly responsible for the mess the world is in today.
30. Frank Finlay, 89, stage and screen actor
31. Terry Wogan, 77, Irish/UK radio and TV host, “the intriguingly subversive national treasure

19. Umberto Eco, 84, author (Name of the Rose)
19. Harper Lee, 89, author (To Kill A Mocking Bird)
28. Frank Kelly, 77, actor (Father Jack in sitcom Father Ted)

5. Roy Tomlinson. 74, email inventor (@)
6. Nancy Reagan, 94, wife of former US president Ronald Reagan, initiated ‘War on Drugs’.
9. (Sir) George Martin, 90, “The world’s most famous record producer.”

16. Cliff Michelmore, 96, pioneering TV presenter
17. Paul Daniels, 77, TV and stage magician
18. Barry Hines, 76, author and playwright.
Many adults claim Kestrel For A Knave (filmed as Kes) as one of the few books they have read.”
24. Johan Cruyff, 68, legendary Dutch ‘architect of total football’.
29. Andy ‘Thunderclap’ Newman, 73, pianist, electrician and once a neighbour. (His hit)
31. Ronnie Corbett, 85, diminutive actor and comedian who was “a national treasure”

9. Tony Conrad, 76, experimental film maker and musician.
You don’t know who I am, but somehow, indirectly, you’ve been affected by things I did.”
9. Howard ‘Mr Nice’ Marks, 79, writer, performer and former drug smuggler
Not a ‘friend’, but I was at a remarkable LSD party he had at his ‘finca’ on Ibiza in 1970/1.
12. (Sir) Arnold Wesker, 80, playwright.
20. Victoria Wood, 62, comedienne, actor, playright
20. Guy Hamilton, 93, film director (British action films, inc. early James Bond),
21. The artist known as Prince, 57.

Prince ‘gave’ this song to Sinead O’Connor

22. David Beresford, 68, award-winning Guardian reporter

7. John Krish, 92, documentary film director (The Last London Tram +++)
24. Burt Kwouk, 85, actor (Cato in the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies +)
30. Carla Lane, 87, scriptwriter (Liver Birds, Butterflies ++)

3. Muhammad Ali, 74, the charismatic boxing great (An interview in 1972)
3. Sabam Siagian, 84, Jakarta Post’s founding editor-in-chief, and diplomat
6. (Sir) Peter Shaffer, 90, playwright (Royal Hunt Of The Sun, Equus, Amadeus)
15. Bob Holman, 79, academic and community worker:  if only we were all like him!
18. Sam King, 90, co-founder of Notting Hill Carnival
21. Karl Dallas, 85, writer (for Melody Maker +), singer, songwriter and campaigner
25. Alvin Toffler, 87, “a guru of the post-industrial age“, author: Future Shock +
30. Gordon Murray, 95, puppeteer (Trumpton, Camberwick Green), TV producer and writer

2. Michael Cimino, 77, film director (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Deer Hunter, Heaven’s Gate +)
2. Elie Wiesel, 87, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor
26. Sylvia Peters, 90, TV announcer, inc. Queen’s coronation in 1953.
28. Ken Barrie, 83, voice of Postman Pat.

21. Brian Rix, 92, actor in farces (Whitehall Theatre), campaigner for people with learning disabilities.
28. Gene Wilder, 83, ‘cult’ comic film star and writer (The Producers, Willy Wonka, Young Frankenstein ++)

4. Richard Neville, 74, provocateur, adventurer and journalist + founder of Oz.
4. (Right Rev) David Jenkins, 91, former Bishop of Durham disliked by Thatcher.
16. Edward Albee, 88,  three-time Pulitzer-winning playwright (inc. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?)
21. Jay Allen Wiechert, 73, engineer who built America’s electric chairs
25. Arnold Palmer, 87, legendary golfer.
28. Shimon Peres, 93, former Prime Minister (twice) and President of Israel, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

4. Trinh Thi Ngo, 87, Vietnam war propaganda radio presenter as ‘Hanoi Hannah’.
13. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 88, longest reigning King of Thailand
13. Dario Fo, 90, Nobel-winning playwright (Death of an Anarchist)
19. Phil Chess, 95. co-founder of Chess Records, from blues to rock ‘n’ roll.
23. Jimmy Perry, 93, one of the greatest British TV comedy writers (Dad’s Army, Hi-de-Hi! and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum)

The last episode …

7. Leonard Cohen, 82, Canadian poet-singer who deserved the Nobel Literature prize.
11. Robert Vaughn, 83, prolific TV and film actor (Man From Uncle, Magnificent 7 +++)
25. Fidel Castro, 90, revolutionary leader of Cuba.

The only force that could defeat him was the infirmity of old age.

28. Stanley Reynolds, 82, (Guardian) journalist, columnist and author who “supported three sons and several bartenders.”

7. Phillip Knightley, 87, “serious” investigative journalist (Thalidomide. Vestey tax avoidance ..)
8. John Glenn, 95, pilot, astronaut and politician.

First man to orbit the Earth, fifth in space and later the oldest.

10. George Junus Aditjondro, 70, Indonesian academic and political dissident
10. Ian McCaskill
, 78, a weather forecaster with personality,
11. Marie Muhammad, 77, Indonesian politician, Finance Minister (1993–1998).”Mr. Clean”.
12. Edward Ricardo Braithwaite, 104, writer (To Sir With Love), teacher and diplomat
17. Dr Henry Heimlich, 96, inventor of the life-saving Heimlich manoeuver.
18. Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99, famous for being famous, occasionally appeared in films, such as “that camp classic and truly awful Queen of Outer Space“.

27. Richard Adams, 96, author (Watership Down +)
27. Carrie Fisher, 60, actor (Star Wars) and writer (Postcards From The Edge +)
28. Debbie Reynolds, 84, actor and singer (Singing In The Rain ++) … and mother of Carrie Fisher.

Image of the Week – 204 (Ronnie Corbett R.I.P.)

Ronnie Corbett, “the friendly, giggly raconteur who flirted with taboos.”

Obits 2015

3. Denny Sakrie, 51, senior Indonesian popular music historian. (His blog in bhs. Indonesia)
10. Brian Clemens, 83, scriptwriter (Avengers + +)

The Professionals

10. Tim Drummond, 74, bassist with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Bob Dylan +
14. Susanto Pudjomartono, (2nd) Editor of The Jakarta Post (1991 to 2001)
—–Running a newspaper in a repressive environment was a challenge.”
14. Lotte Hass, 83, one of the first female underwater photographers; with her husband Hans introduced the underwater world to TV audiences (in black and white)
17. Edgar Froese, 70, founder of Tangerine Dream (Phaedra ++)
19. Dallas Taylor, 66, the drummer best known for his work with Crosby, Stills & Nash
19. Bob Sardino, 76, well-known for Kemchicks, the highend store with imported foodstuffs in Kemang, Jakarta
20. Ward Swingle, 87, founder of Les Swingle Singers (video)
25. Demis Roussos, 68, ‘pop’ singer: Aphrodite’s Child and solo (The Four Horsemen fr. 666, the best album IMHO).
30. Geraldine McEwan, 82, theatre and TV (Miss Marple)
30. John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins,77, photographer, video pioneer, writer, activist, and one time friend.
31. Don Covay, 76, R&B singer and songwriter who wrote hit songs covered by the Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard (video with Jimi Hendrix on guitar) and many more.

6. André Brink, 79, anti-apartheid South African novelist and playwright (Dry White Season)
8. Kenji Ekuan, 85,  designer of bullet train, the red-capped Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser
15. Lesley Gore, 68, singer It’s My Party +
21. Clark Terry, 91, jazz trumpeter, Mumbles (video)
27. Leonard Nimoy, 83, actor, (Dr. Spock), director (Three Men and Baby)

2. Dave Mackay, 80, “a hard but never dirty” football player and manager.
2. Dennis Barker, 83, journalist, obituarist and writer (about journalism among many other subjects)
13. Daevid Allen, 77, founder of Soft Machine and Gong; but no obituary can adequately describe his individuality.
—–Nothing makes sense when you talk about Daevid Allen. Everything makes sense.
16. Andy Fraser, 62, bassist with Free, co wrote All Right Now at 17.
18. Shaw Taylor, 90, aka ‘Whispering Grass’, TV presenter who encouraged us all to snitch.

21. Jackie Trent, 74, songwriter (with Tony Hatch)
22. Lee Kuan Yew, 91, statesman ‘builder’ of Singapore.

10. Richie Benaud, 84, cricketer, journalist and broadcaster
11. Viv Nicholson, 79, football pools winner: “Spend, spend, spend.”
13. Gunter Grass, 87, Nobel prize winning novelist (Tin Drum ++)
14. Percy Sledge, 74, soul singer, and more than a one hit wonder.
28. Keith Harris, 67, ventriloquist (Orville + 100 others)
30. Ben E King, 76, soul singer and songwriter with the Drifters and solo (Stand By Me, Spanish Harlem + +)

2. Ruth Rendell, 85, prolific crime novelist
2. Guy Carawan, 87, folk singer and civil rights campaigner, popularised We Shall Overcome
6. Errol Brown, 71, singer and songwriter (Hot Chocolate)
11. John Hewie, 87, Charlton and Scotland footballer. (My first football ‘hero’.)
14. BB King, 89, crossover blues musician.
21. Twinkle (Lynn Annette Ripley), 66, singer and songwriter (Terry – with Jimmy Page on guitar.)
23. John Nash, 86, mathematician, winner of Nobel Prize in Economics (’99) for this short paper (.pdf) (’49). Russell Crowe played him in film A Beautiful Mind.

5. Richard Johnson, 87, actor and producer (Shakespeare to Moll Flanders to spoof James Bond)
7. Christopher Lee, 93, “lofty” film actor (c.300 in his filmography!)
8. Paul Bacon, 91,  book and record cover artist.

11. Ron Moody, 91, actor (Fagin in Oliver), writer and composer of unperformed musicals.
22. James Horner, 61, composer of 100+ film scores inc. Titanic, Troy, Avatar.
22. Don Featherstone, 79, inventor of pink plastic flamingos: “Place in garden, lawn, to beautify landscape.”
25. Patrick Macnee, 93, actor, best known for The Avengers (opening titles video)

1. Val Doonican, 88, Irish singer “at the heart of family weekend tv viewing in the 1960s and 70s“.
6. Masabumi Kikuchi, 75, Japanese jazz pianist (A video ‘portrait’)
10. Omar Sharif, 83, Egyptian film actor, a few classics, eg. Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia; others supported his poker playing.
18. John Taylor, 72, the “much-loved, self-deprecating, whimsical and elegantly awe-inspiring British jazz pianist“, composer, teacher, mentor …
23. Eddie Hardin, 66, Hammond organist with the Spencer Davis Group and Hardin & York.

2. Cilla Black, 72, much-loved singer and TV show host.
4. Les Munro, 96, last surviving ‘Dambusters‘ pilot.
5. George Cole, 90, actor, notably as Arthur Daley in Minder.
11. Howard Brody, 83, a physics professor who found himself focusing not on photons and quarks but on relatively massive fluffy yellow balls, bouncing.
30. Oliver Sacks, 82, neurologist and author (inc.The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat and Awakenings)
30. Wes Craven, 76, film scriptwriter and director (inc. Nightmare on Elm Street)

19. Jackie Collins, 77, novelist of Hollywood glamour and sex.

We shared a name and good looks, but I never read her books.

21. Ray Warleigh, 76, saxophonist and flautist, composer. He played with everyone, in many styles! In this video, from earlier this year, aged 75 he was playing salsa in a London pub.

3. Denis Healey, 98, “one of the best prime ministers Britain never had.”

19. Howard Kendall, 69, “one of the greatest players” and “the most successful manager” of Everton FC.(See cartoon tribute)
21. Michael Meacher, 75, Labour MP for Oldham for 45 years.
25. Maureen O’Hara, 95, film actress of whom co-star John Wayne said, “She’s a great guy.” (3 of her films are in the link.)
27. Philip French, 82, Observer film critic.

2. Colin Welland, 83, actor-writer (Kes), Oscar winner (Chariots of Fire)
14. Warren Mitchell, 89, TV (Alf Garnett) and stage actor.

It stands to reason, dunnit.

2. Anthony Valentine, 76, actor and playwright
19. Jimmy Hill, 87, a lifetime in football as player, manager, club chairman, TV pundit …
19. Harry Hyams, 87, notorious property speculator (Centrepoint, London, which we squatted in 1974.)
23. Don Howe, 80, respected football coach
28. Ian ‘Lemmy‘ Kilmister, 70, rock singer (Motörhead: Ace of Spades live)
—-I’m kinda tired of being a fucking icon.”
29. John Bradbury, 62, drummer (2-Tone: Specials AKA, Selector)

John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins (1937-2015)

For much of 1970 and 71, I lived on the island of Ibiza, now noted for it’s ‘raves’ and ‘house’ parties. I was on my first set of ‘world travels’ having left my putative career as a primary school teacher in inner London. I needed to break out of the school- university- school- path in order to broaden my horizons, to explore myself.

So as determined by the rides I hitched I went where my pig was headed, across France and into Spain. I learned much on Ibiza: about hallucinogenics, the skill of leather making (bags, belts and sandals a speciality) how to win darts competitions, and the problems of running a ‘free school’.

The free school on Ibiza had been set up by a scion of the Johnny Walker whisky family, and I took over for a term while he was back in the UK. When he returned, he dispensed with my services, but told me of the free school movement in London and specifically of one being set up in Kentish Town, where there was a vibrant squatting community, and coincidentally the part of London where I’d been a school teacher.

I won the island’s darts competition and with the prize money settled my bar tab and paid for my ferry ticket back to the mainland and within a week or so arrived in Kentish Town and became a ‘hippy squatter‘, as the less enlightened media called us. I soon discovered that there was a vibrant community. There were musicians – members of Ducks Deluxe were in the house next door; activists – Sid Rawle was prominent in the initial stages of the Free School which, as I wrote here, soon transmogrified into a clearing station for refugees from the turmoil in Northern Ireland; and Dr. Robin Farquharson, by then in the depths of his bipolar disorder.

It was to be a month or two before I got to meet Hoppy and Sue Hall, his live-in partner. I knew of him, but not that he’d been a prominent figure in the 60s ‘counter culture’. University, grafting away as a newbie teacher, and then Ibiza meant that the scene had largely passed me by. But no matter, if I’d only been three years younger or older, I’d have been naive or set in my ways. But in 1971 I was alive to alternatives; I’d read Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich, and had a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog: Access To Tools (now online) Both books presented the philosophy of non-conformity, of a do-it-yourself, self-help creative approach to life, of exploration.

And that’s where Hoppy came into my life, or I briefly entered his. On the first occasion, I recall, a group of us were sat on cushions in a comfy room in his squatted town house on the other side of the road from where I had started out. He was demonstrating the video set up he used; the camera was attached with an umbilical cord to a ‘portapak’ of batteries which someone had to carry behind him as he filmed. For my ‘go’, I shot everyone’s feet.

It was through Hoppy that I was invited to become involved in the management of The Institute for Research in Art and Technology (IRAT) (aka New Arts Lab) which was founded in 1969 as a breakaway from the original Arts Lab. Hoppy had his video workshop there, but my main interest was in the printing workshop run by John Collins (no relation).  I was to make use of community print workshops for the next dozen years. The patron of IRAT was Lord Harlech, a prominent public figure who had been British ambassador to the United States during the JFK administration.

Among his many positions was his chairmanship of the Pilgrim Trust, a charitable trust which focuses on “projects working to preserve historically significant buildings, artefacts or documents” and projects which address certain “social welfare needs“. My last position in London before I set out on my final set of world travels which lead me to Indonesia was as co-ordinator of an out-of-school community charity in south London.

The Pilgrim Trust funded my salary for three years, and the charity is flourishing now, some 30 years later. (So much so that one project I initiated is used as the focus of a political campaign video earlier this year.)

Although I didn’t know Hoppy well, I am one of so many who have been touched and energised by him. He died on 30th January this year, but his influential status as a catalyst for social change will continue to reverberate down the ages, and I am extremely grateful for that.

“Wow”, as he used to say.

Joe Boyd’s Memories

Image of the Week – 167 (John Taylor)

News that British jazz pianist, composer, teacher, and mentor extraordinaire died aged 72 of a heart attack on Friday night while playing at Saveurs Jazz Festival fills me with sadness.

His discography dates back to the late sixties, a time when I was listening to the ‘Canterbury Scene‘ and had little time for the then current free-form improvisatory sounds emanating from London’s jazz scene. When the two strands merged into jazz-fusion with Soft Machine, National Health and Ian Carr’s Nucleus I started to take notice of the jazz musicians who ‘crossed over’.

The first time I ‘noticed’ John Taylor was in 1979/80 when I became a ‘fan’ of the ECM label, via Eberhard Weber’s Fluid Rustle. An avid reader of album sleeves, I was drawn to Jan Garbarek; Taylor is in the groups which recorded Places (1977) and Photo with Blue Sky, White Cloud, Wires, Windows and a Red Roof (1978).

And then there was Azimuth,with the trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, a Canadian long resident in the UK, and the incomparable singer Norma Winstone who was a wordless vocalist on Fluid Rustle.

It says much about Taylor’s personality that although his playing was integral as a sidesman, he also gave space to each member of his own groups. He had a northern European sensitivity, a natural fit with ECM whose artists demonstrate an integrity by letting their music speak. Every recording of his that I have, and there are many, shows that he was not so much an entertainer as an explorer, a true artist.

That he never came to Indonesia is of little matter now. After all, we have YouTube to offer such delights as this one ….

Thank you, John.

Obits 2014

Every year I post a list of folk who have passed on. They are not randomly chosen, but stir a memory. Just one recalls an event I was at. Unless otherwise edited, I am not on this page.
3. Phil Everly, 74, half of the Everly Brothers, harmonising duo hitmakers of the 50s and 60s. (10 cover versions)
5. Eusébio (da Silva Ferreira) (video highlights), 71, one of football’s greats.
5. Simon Hoggart, 67, Guardian’s witty, acerbic political editor
19. Sir Christopher Chataway, 82, world record athlete, TV newsreader, government minister and much more.

White City, London, 1952

27. Pete Seeger, 94, influential folk singer, civil rights activist, songwriter

1. Maximilian Schell, 83, Oscar-winning actor, and director.
2. Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, Oscar-winning film actor.
5. Joop Ave, 79, outstanding Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications 1993-1998
14. Sir Tom Finney, 91, “all time great” England footballer

Tom Finney – 25 August 1956 

17. Bob Casale, 61, founder member of Devo (video)
18. Maria von Trapp, 99, last member of family group that inspired The Sound of Music (video)
23. Alice Herz-Sommer, 110, pianist and oldest known Holocaust survivor.

The world is wonderful, it’s full of beauty and full of miracles.

23. Mike Parker, 84, typography historian who made Helvetica (movie) popular.
25. Paco de Lucía, 66, flamenco guitarist (Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez – video)

7. Hal Douglas, 89, voice in movie trailers
8. James Ellis, 82, actor (Z-Cars) and writer
14. Anthony Wedgwood (Tony) Benn, 88, veteran leftwing Labour politician and diarist,
Love him or hate him, it has to be said that that Tony Benn was a rare example of a mainstream politician with any sort of integrity.”

6. Mickey Rooney, 93, actor in career spanning 10 decades

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in Love Finds Andy Hardy, 1938

10. Richard Hoggart, 95, author (The Uses of Literacy pub. 1956), teacher and father of Simon (cf. Jan. 5th)
10. Sue Townsend, 68, much-loved humanist novelist (The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13¾ ++)
17. Gabriel García Márquez, 87, Nobel Laureate who gave millions worldwide One Hundred Years of (pleasurable reading in) Solitude.
29. Bob Hoskins, 71, TV, stage and film actor “capable of playing the poodle as well as the pitbull.”


6. Leslie Thomas, 83, journalist and novelist (Virgin Soldiers)

19. (Sir) Jack Brabham, 88, racing driver and racing car designer.

9. Rik Mayall, 56, comedian and writer.
He pulled faces when told not to sing (because he couldn’t) in the school choir, aged 10; he soon knew what he wanted to do when he didn’t grow up.”

18. Horace Silver, 85, influential jazz pianist (@ Newport Jazz Festival 1959)
19. Gerry Goffin, 75, song writer, (A selection of his 50+ top 40 hits, many with Carole King.)
22. Felix Dennis, 67, magazine publisher, inc. 60s counter-culture Oz, and tree planter

Blowing In The Mind (October 1967)

27. Bobby Womack, 70, singer and writer of amazing funk-soul music.
29. Paul Horn, 84, jazz flautist and Grammy Award winning ‘Father’ of New Age music.

1. David Greenglass
, 92, gave (false?) testimony that sent his sister Ethel Rosenberg and her husband to the electric chair “in the most explosive atomic spying case of the Cold War“.
..8. Alfredo Di Stéfano (video tribute), 88, “probably the greatest player in Real Madrid’s history.
11. Charlie Haden, 77, jazz bass player and political activist.
13. Nadine Gordimer, 90, Nobel prizewinnng South African writer who spoke out against apartheid.
16. Johnny Winter, 70, blues and rock guitarist, songwriter and producer.
19. James Garner, 86, TV and film actor (Maverick and Rockford)
23. Dora Bryan, 91, much loved actress.
28. Theodore Van Kirk, 93, last crew member (navigator) of the Enola Gay.

11. Robin Williams, 63. intense comic and serious actor (Filmography)
12. Lauren Bacall, 89, more than just Humphrey Bogart’s co-star in classic movies (e.g. The Big Sleep)

24. (Lord) Richard Attenborough, 90, film actor (Jurassic Park ++) and director (Gandhi ++) (Interview)
10. Richard Kiel, 74, 7’2″ actor (Jaws in Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker ++)
11. Sir Donald Sinden, 90, stage, film and television actor
12. Ian Paisley, 88, Northern Ireland’s Protestant leader “synonymous with the Troubles and sectarianism“.
18. Kenny Wheeler, 84, Canadian jazz trumpet (flugelhorn) player, part of the Brit jazz scene for c.60 years.

1. Lynsey de Paul, 64, singer and songwriter
19. Raphael Ravenscroft, 60, played saxophone on Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street. Ravenscroft was paid a session fee of £27 and Rafferty received £80,000 in annual royalties.
23. Bernard Jewry (aka Shane Fenton & Alvin Stardust), 72, pop singer (Video My Coo Ca Choo)
25. Jack Bruce, 71, rock, jazz and blues bassist and singer.

2. Acker Bilk, 85, jazz clarinettist (Loads of YouTubes)
5. Manitas de Plata (Ricardo Baliardo), 93, flamenco guitarist. (Video of private performance for Brigitte Bardot in 1968)
17. Jimmy Ruffin, 78, soul singer (What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?)
19. Mike Nichols, 83, film and play director (The Graduate ++)

2. Bobby Keys, 70, saxophonist (videos) with Buddy Holly, Rolling Stones, John Lennon ….
3. Ian McLagan, 69, keyboardist with the Small Faces (video), the Faces and sometimes the Stones.
4. Jeremy Thorpe, 85, former leader of the UK Liberal Party.
18. Mandy Rice-Davies, 70, “fabled player in a very British scandal”, the Profumo Affair
Government embarrassment, of course, is not a ground for withholding information – it is just the reason why information is withheld.”
20. John Freeman, 99, war hero, politician, TV journalist (Face To Face), magazine editor, diplomat and father of six children.,
21. Jane Bown, 89, portrait photographer for the Observer
21. Billie Whitelaw, 82, stage and film actress
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