The FPI and Me

The unprovoked and vicious assault by the self-styled Islam Defenders Front (Front Pembela Islam – FPI) on the National Alliance for the Freedom of Faith and Religion (Aliansi Kebangsaan untuk Kebebasan Berkeyakinan dan Beragama – AKKBB) on Sunday afternoon has rightly been condemned.

Rightly too, in my opinion, there are calls for the disbanding of FPI – which the government argues is difficult.

FPI has a history of thuggery, much of which I have commented on since I launched Jakartass in 2004. I’ve selected excerpts from these posts and put them in chronological order. Most of the links I had then are now inaccessible or offline; however much background information is readily available.

26th October 2004
Following the trashing of bars by the self-styled Islam Defenders Front (FPI), it was reported that the National Police had yet to ‘interrogate’ any of the thugs. A full eye-witness account of the intimidation and extortion that occurred on Friday night was posted by the Reveller on Jakarta BlokM.

21st January 2005
To be fair, the group that targeted drinking haunts in Jakarta during Ramadan, FPI, are currently searching for bodies in Aceh (post-Tsunami).

27th January 2005
According to reports, the leader of an anti-corruption watchdog devoted to exposing crimes by state officials has been arrested in Aceh province for improper handling of aid intended for tsunami victims.

Farid Faqih, chairman of Government Watch (GOWA), and three members of the radical Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI) were arrested on yesterday evening on suspicion of violating procedures in the storage and use of aid. The four were reportedly arrested by Air Force officers at the Sultan Iskandar Muda Airbase and handed over to police for further investigation.

(NB. Something I didn’t comment on at the time were the FPI attacks on Christian aid organisations active in Aceh following the Tsunami. But if I had, I would also have severely criticised those organisations proselytising through their overt altruism.)

21st February 2005
The Indonesian government has rejected warnings in travel advisories issued over the weekend, (by the Australian and New Zealand governments) which said terrorists were planning attacks against foreign aid workers involved on relief efforts in areas stricken by the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami.

Any attacks would be provoked by Indonesia’s own Islamic loonies, the FPI and the MMI. These thugs are the vigilante groups which have stirred up inter-communal strife in Maluku, Sulawesi and the bars of BlokM and elsewhere in Jakarta.

3rd August 2005
Indonesia’s reputation as a bastion of moderate, tolerant Islam has been cast in doubt after the nation’s ulemas council (MUI) issued 11 fatwas banning liberal Islamic thought, religious pluralism, inter-faith marriage, inter-faith prayers led by non-Muslims and women leading prayers attended by men.

This, in itself, doesn’t bother me. Being in favour of a woman’s right to choose and the use of contraception I also ignore Catholic dogmatic claptrap.

What both religions have in common though is an assertion of their right to interfere in civil society by determining secular laws and here in Indonesia this is seemingly welcomed. There is a Ministry of Religious Affairs, currently under investigation for massive embezzlement of haj funds.

Yet the MUI is not a state institution. It can issue fatwa and orders to Muslims, but they are not binding and it does not have the authority to enforce them. Legal authorities in the government have no obligation to enforce the edicts while Muslims are not obliged to comply with them.

Because the MUI has no authority to enforce the controversial fatwa, it is the hard-line groups, like the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) who appear at the frontline to pressure the authorities to enforce them. If they believe the authorities have failed, they (the hard-line groups) could directly come to the field to enforce them.

The MUI , whose influence is strongest in poorly educated rural communities, believes liberal teachings – defined as those promoting rational rather than literal interpretations of religious texts – are “dangerous and misleading”.

In other words, we have a major Islamic organisation here in Indonesia whose teachings directly accord with the leanings of potential al-Qaeda recruits.

30th August 2005
This past month, Muslim fundamentalists, the Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI), have been attacking Christian ‘house churches’ in Bandung and forcing their closure. Before that, they attacked and forced the closure of a complex of a minor Islamic sect, Ahmadiyah, accusing it of heresy.
The now defunct aka Paras Indonesia focused on the news that Gus Dur, the president before last, has warned that Banser, the security task force of the nation’s largest Muslim group Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), would be mobilized against FPI if the government fails to stop the radical group from attacking churches.

We’re still waiting, Gus.

That Xmas, and probably as a PR exercise, the FPI offered to guard churches.

7th February 2006
Following the Danish cartoons controversy, (which this week has seen a suicide bomber attack the Danish embassy in Pakistan), in Bandung, protest coordinator Asep Syarifuddin from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) warned that the group would transport Danes to the airport to be repatriated.

So once again a few righteous thugs dictate to others.

SBY has declared that the government was constitutionally bound to protect freedom of religion and the right of all people to practice their faith.

“In this country, there is no such thing as religions that are recognized or not recognized by the state. The Constitution guarantees the freedom of every citizen to have a religion and to practice their faith. The state shall never interfere in any religious teachings. The duty of the state is to protect, serve and facilitate the building and maintenance of places of worship and to encourage citizens to become good followers of their religions.”

…. to encourage citizens to become good followers of their religions.” ??

Surely it’s time for the government to clamp down on the FPI. Their actions would appear to be treasonable, yet if they can be encouraged to become good citizens, then they could yet become good followers of their faith, Islam.

16th March 2007

Playboy Editor in Indonesia Found Guilty
.… Protesters Call for Death Sentence.

Eh? The Indonesian edition of the magazine …. did not feature nudity and was not as risqué as other magazines on sale in Indonesia.

More than 150 members of the Indonesian People Forum (aka Islamic Defenders Front – FPI) said Erwin Arnada, the editor of Playboy Indonesia, should die for his crimes, chanting “hang him, hang him.”

So what would they shout if Playboy did have tit pictures?
“Hang, draw and quarter him”?
“Boil him in oil.”?

It’s surely time these FPI lot grew up and, at the very least, learnt how to masturbate preferably in private. They are just a bunch of wankers after all.

Aren’t there more important things to focus their energies on? Such as ….

3rd April 2007
Oigal set himself a task: to find Indonesia’s most liveable province/city/town/village. He set various “subjective” criteria, which are roughly what I would have chosen for myself.

I suggested Lubuk Sikaping in West Sumatra because, although a solid Muslim area, it is tolerant and FPI (and assorted other nutters) free. Probably.

Shortly after the Bali bombs went off, I was up there and the provincial chief of police told the town’s chief of police to look after Paul, the proprietor of Hotel Rimbo, and me ~ the only two westerners in town. He said, “There are no terrorists in my area.”

In an interview for the Australian TV channel, ABCTV, Habib Rizieq, founder of FPI had this to say (translated from Indonesian): I felt called to work in the community because I saw all sorts of immorality there, such as ecstasy use, prostitution, gambling, not to mention thuggery, the way thugs in the street are standing over people, using force, intimidating people. They don’t hesitate to kidnap people, assault people. So I felt called to oppose all that.

A thug and a hypocrite?

Image of the Week – 330 (Ahok v Anies)

Jakartans have had a week which has been more unsettling than usual. That I’ve had some personal exhausting days, both worryingly stressful and enlivening is irrelevant here. There’s been a sequence of public holidays, and there’s another one tomorrow (Ascension Day), the continued changes to road junctions (several of which could affect my trips around town), frightening storms, not celebrated in yesterday’s Earth Day, and the final round of the election of the Jakarta Governor for the next four years.

Today’s image is of the two candidates in the election, the incumbent Basuku Tjahaja Purnama (popularly known as Ahok) and the winner Anies Baswedan.

According to Reuters, the “blunt-talking reformer” Ahok enjoyed “soaring public approval, c.76%, as governor for policies targetting infrastructure, flood mitigation, waste management and corruption eradication.

Yet Anies cynically engaged with the much-reviled FPI, historically viewed as Islamic thugs. See here for my previous posts about FPI.

One exit poll suggests that “just under 34% of the 1,289 respondents surveyed at 400 polling stations across the Indonesian capital cited religion as the primary reason for backing Baswedan.

Also 14.9 per cent cited Anies as “being with the common people”, which, of course, he isn’t, and never has been. That Ahok is a Chinese Indonesian means that he’s not one of them either.

Jakartass agrees with the many observers who believe that the electorate was cynically manipulated by the military-business-politico élite. How else can this photo, copied from Elizabeth Pisani’s blog, be explained?

The still notorious Let.Gen.(ret/fired) Prabowo Subianto is seen standing between Anies, to his left, and the Deputy-Governor elect, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, one of Indonesia’s top twenty millionaires. Standing behind Prabowo’s right shoulder is the Chinese-Indonesian billionaire, and Trump’s business partner in Indonesia, Hary Tanoesoedibjo. He’s used his media channel MNC, part of a very widely diversified conglomerate, to promote his political ambitions which he has said includes running in the next presidential election.

Also in the picture, second from the right and wearing a red and white ribbon on top of his peci, is Amien Reis, leader of the Islamic political party PAN. In May 98, the period which saw Suharto’s ‘abdication’, he was a ‘leader’ of the masses calling for reformasi. His flip-flops regarding direct elections and other reforms, which he was initially able to initiate as the leader of the Peoples Consultative Assembly (MPR), have lead to widespread criticism. He is now viewed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing .. or a fox in the hen house for those who like metaphors.

This is a rhyme I learnt in the UK which, not being poetically inclined, I won’t adapt for Indonesia.

Church and State,
Go hand in hand
With Greed and Hate.

Where Is Their Dignity?

How can a nation walk into its future when dark spots of its history remain behind a smoke screen?

Tomorrow, November 10th, the International People’s Tribunal (on Crimes Against Humanity in Indonesia) starts meeting for three days in the Hague, Netherlands.

It’s aims are simple:
– to establish the truth based on the facts about the violence of 65/66
– to seek recognition, rehabilitation and justice for the victims, ultimately leading to reconciliation.

The words ‘retribution’ and ‘compensation’ are not mentioned.

The historical facts are clear: just over 50 years ago, members of President Soekarno’s Presidential Guard kidnapped and killed high ranking military officers, and threw them into Lubang Buaya, a well at Halim, the air force training ground, on the south-east outskirts of Jakarta. An official autopsy confirmed that the bodies were not mutilated, although that was the rumour disseminated widely as General Soeharto, the soon-to-be president, took charge.

From then until his ‘abdication’ in May 1998, the population was indoctrinated to believe that the six months of mass killings in 1965/66 were necessary to rid the country of members of Indonesia’s Communist Party because they had been behind the attempted coup.

It is an open secret, partly because Sarwo Edhie Wibowo admitted it shortly before his death in 1989, that the military then, under his leadership of Indonesia’s Special Forces, instigated the 1965/66 massacre and mass arrests, partly through the training of militias (see The Act of Killing). Declassified documents also detail the involvement of the British, Australian and the American governments, the latter actively through the supply of names and their whereabouts.

It is not my intention here to rehash what is widely known, but to ponder the significance of the Tribunal.

President SBY paid some lip service by accepting a report from an investigation on the massacre by Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM). Released on July 23 2012, it found evidence of crimes against humanity committed during the Communist purge.

The commission ultimately declared the systematic prosecution of alleged members of the PKI after the failed 1965 coup as a gross human rights violation.

Komnas HAM, however, said that the biggest obstacle for the institution to finalize its findings was the absence of concrete evidence, such as weapons and bullets used to execute the victims. The commission could do little and called on the Attorney General’s Office to follow through with its findings which, of course, it didn’t do.

President Jokowi initially planned to offer a formal apology to victims of the genocide. However, this past August, Indonesia’s House of Representatives (DPR) announced its opposition to President Jokowi’s plans. It warned that such an apology could spark ‘new conflict’. The threat appears to have contributed to Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung’s announcement on 22 September that plans for an official apology had been shelved.

As a student, Jokowi’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security of Indonesia, General (Ret.) Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, was one of the founders of the Indonesian Student Action Union (KAPI) that raised students against the Old Order and the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party).

This makes clear the why and where Jokowi stands with regards to his puppet masters.

Jokowi at Lubang Buaya, September 15th 2015

A number of recent incidents clearly demonstrate that the perpetrators are fearful that the Tribunal would expose the criminality of the New Order regime, and expose the system that made them who they are. And they are powerful enough to ensure that they are part of the administration.

  • The deportation of an Indonesia born Swedish citizen in his seventies from West Sumatra who attempted to visit the mass grave in which his father was buried.
    During interrogation and in written documents, there was no mention of any law being broken.”

  • The cancellation of the discussion of books which focus on 65/66 at the recent Ubud Readers and Writers Festival .
    The program got caught in the contradictions of Bali’s tourism existence and the ambiguities of the government’s passivity.”

  • ‘Communist’ Toys Seized in Yogyakarta, Authorities Cite Safety of Children

  • The creation of a 100 million(!) strong Defending the State programme.
    Adults aged under 50 years are obliged to join the program, as long as they are strong and healthy. After the training, the participants will be listed as cadres in the National Political Unity Office (Kesbangpol)
    Ironically, this would not be surprising if it was reported from ‘communist’ North Korea.

Civil servants undergo military training, part of an existing program.

Earlier this year I profiled friend Bedjo Untung who as a 17 year old in 1965 went undercover because his father, a teacher, had been arrested and exiled to Buru Island without trial. After five years on the run, Bedjo was caught and incarcerated in Jakarta’s jails until 1976.

Most of Bedjo’s time is now spent working, unpaid, for the Indonesian Institute for the Study of 1965/1966 Massacre (YPKP65) which was founded on April 7th 1999.

In August, a national meeting due to be held in the Central Java city of Salatiga was postponed following death threats against organising committee members.

YPKP 65 chairperson Bedjo Untung said that the threats came from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and the Islamic Defenders Guard (GPI). Members had also been approached by an intelligence officer from the national police who urged them to postpone the event.

When I met him a few weeks ago he told me that he had recently been bedridden, paralysed, for a fortnight. He did not tell me about the threats. I thought then it was a case of severe nervous exhaustion partly caused by the stress of preparing for the Tribunal, the culmination of a struggle for government recognition of the continued suffering of the victims, tainted by the fifty years continued lies of the establishment. He didn’t tell me of the death threats.

I have written this post at his request. Whether the Tribunal can achieve tangible results other than universal condemnation of the massive cover up foisted on the Indonesian population is a moot point.

I advised Bedjo to see out the remaining years of his life in doing something which will satisfy his soul, perhaps by making music on his guitar with his son, a noted pianist.

His dignity will remain intact: he’s fought the good fight, and now he deserves some peace.

Those who have tried unsuccessfully to stifle his efforts and those of thousands of others, many of whom have died in their old age, will not be present at the Tribunal.

The perpetrators demonstrate a clear lack of basic humanity, and in hiding behind faux nationalism while hiring fundamentalist Islamic youths and uniformed lackeys to act blindly on their behalf, they surely have no place in a decent society.

They are afraid of their shadows and the ghosts of their pasts.

In short, they lack dignity.

‘Are some Indonesians Stupid?’ Revisited

Since I first asked that question four and a half years ago, the post has been viewed several times a week.

There are remarkable parallels so I haven’t had to make many alterations to it: new links are this colour, and old ones are this.

In the immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut, “so it goes…”

The police guard the KPK against the police.

My definition of ‘stupidity’ is a conscious act with unfortunate, even disastrous, results due to a lack of forethought about possible consequences.

In the spotlight today are the police who, in spite of their ‘intelligence’ successes in capturing loads of motor cycle thieves, seem to have little regard for the public perception of their daily behaviour.

Firstly, they do not demonstrate that they have embraced reformasi, the drive for transparency and accountability which are evidence of a democratic nation.

The law on mass organisations has an article which states that the government may freeze a mass organization’s administration if it is found to have disrupted safety and/or public order. Yet the police stand by whilst the thugs of Front Pembela Islam (FPI) attack bars and churches, disrupt licensed meetings of gays and transexuals, and, just last week, parliamentarians and constituents discussing free health care for pensioners.

The list goes on

Mur­hali Barda, head of the Bekasi chapter of FPI, claimed that a certain Christian foundation had been relentlessly baptizing groups of people in the city.

“A number of buses were seen dropping off people, some wearing jilbabs, at a house in Kemang Pratama district in Bekasi. When our people interrogated the security guard, he said they were there to be baptised.”

However, Bekasi Police Chief Sr. Comr Imam Sugianto denied there had been a mass baptism: “All of them were students and they all went there for a swim.”

If true, then I’m justified in saying that the FPI thugs are stupid.

And the police?

There can be few citizens or residents who have not given the police ‘cigarette money’ at some time to avoid further unpleasantness, which may include torture. This was alleged by the cleaners imprisoned for sexually assaulting a kindergarten pupil at the Jakarta International School (JIS) . The public has not been fooled by this gross miscarriage of justice.

Victims usually do not know where to report abuses and are vulnerable to further abuse if they make a complaint directly to the police.

But it’s not so much the lower echelons who are in the news now as the police generals. Questions are being aired as to how six top officers – Inspector General Mathius Salempang, Inspector General Sylvanus Yulian Wenas, Inspector General Budi Gunawan, Inspector General Badrodin Haiti, Inspector General Bambang Suparno, and whistleblower of the tax scam Commissioner General Susno Duadji – can amass from Rp.22 billion to as much as Rp.95 billion) on a salary of Rp.15 million a month (c.$1,600).

This is the lead story in this week’s Tempo magazine. Strangely, all of the 30,000 print run was bought up in the early hours by “a group of mystery men” before it could be distributed. Tempo reprinted the issue, and are presumably happy with their increased circulation.

What is even stranger is not that the police are upset with the story, but the cover.

Whoops, wrong one!

This one. 

The problem with the cover is that it shows a police general with three piggy banks on leashes which is an allusion to the business interests who buy favours. Mind you, having piggy banks with the police on a leash would seem more apt.

However, it’s the pigs which have – erm – unleashed the police anger, so much so that they are talking up a possible lawsuit against Tempo.*

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang claimed he had received many complaints about the magazine’s cover.

He said, “Imagine, we have 406,000 officers nationwide, and they and probably their relatives, too, are offended because it compares the police to the animal.”

To disrespect police in the UK who are apparently disrespecting citizens is to call them ‘pigs’, but here the word has deeper, Islamic, connotations. However, apart from the fact that the cartoon doesn’t compare the police to pigs, Gen, Antonanng doesn’t seem to be that well-educated.

As Tempo magazine chief editor Wahyu Muryadi said, “The piggy banks represent bank accounts, the edition’s theme. Why pig? In Indonesian, a pot for saving money is traditionally called celengan, which means piggy bank. It derives from the word celeng, which means pig.”

I wonder what Gen. Antonand made of the reprint of the magazine which sported this cover.

in a poke?

Pig in a poke is an English idiom which refers to a confidence trick originating in the 15th/16th centuries, when meat was scarce but cats were not and were put inside the ‘poke’.

Note: ‘Poke’, originally meant bag or sack. ‘Pocket’ is the current form of the word.
The Indonesian equivalent expression is kucing dalam karung (cat in a sack).

Make of this farce what you will, but my answer to my title is once again a resounding ‘yes’.

The police are once again trying to clamp down on press freedom by accusing Tempo of defamation in disclosing ‘secret banking information’ relating to the wealth of the then Inspector General but now Comr. Gen. Budi Gunawan. He is now waging war against the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) who named him a suspect shortly after Jokowi named him as the sole nominee for police chief,

He has since been dropped, yet has still been able to pack the police higher echelons with his nominees.

W’aduh, this is all so Ruritanian.
* Update 12th March fr. the Jakarta Post

The NGO behind the filing of a police report against Tempo weekly for its coverage of Comr. Gen. Budi Gunawan’s bank accounts has been exposed as a pay-for-hire band of bullies, and many suspect the group is likely being used by others to intimidate and exert pressure on the magazine.

I’m losing my faith …

… in Jokowi.

Having never – repeat – never had faith in Prabowo, I’ll just say this about him:

The overtly Muslim political parties have joined the Prabowo-Hatta coalition, as has the FPI (= Effing Perverted Islamists), notorious for its violent raids against bars, churches and anything which their twisted and bigoted minds feel might upset their chances of being greeted by loads of virgins when they shuffle off, or get kicked off, the mortal coil. None of them seem to realise that those virgins waiting for them are aged Catholic nuns who having lived a life of chastity are not often noted for their sense of humour, and certainly wouldn’t have stood for any bullshit while they were sentient beings.

I do have some faith in Jokowi, not least because he has risen from ‘humble’ origins and as Mayor of Surakarta (Solo) and Governor of Jakarta, a big step up, has made a point of listening to folk who would be affected by his policies in the respective City Halls as well as and transforming the bureaucracies within to make them more transparent and responsive to the public. He has given very many of us a sense of optimism, a renewed idealistic hope, that the reformasi movement engendered following the forced abdication of the dictator Suharto may yet have solid roots.

A couple of days ago, it was reported that if elected, Jokowi would remove the designation of religion on the national identity card to prevent discrimination.

According to Musdah Mulia, a member of Jokowi’s campaign team, Jokowi considered the faith status as leading to discrimination, such as making it easier for a hardline group to conduct a religious sweep during a conflict.

“Another example is on job applications. A job seeker might be rejected just because the religion is different with (sic) the boss.”

She said that the faith status should only be recorded for the purpose of collecting data on the population and for civil registry.

Great, we thought.

What a person believes should be private, as long as our views do not impinge on the rights of others to hold contrary beliefs.

However, yesterday, the campaign team denied the plan, basically because in the autonomous sharia law governed province of Aceh, the religious police wouldn’t know who to cane for transgressions, and if someone dies alone with no friend and family with no religion stated on their ID card, no-one would know which religious funeral ritual to conduct.

This of course ignores the fact that uncounted numbers of Indonesians don’t actually have an ID card, and die unknown and/or unidentified. Are they all buried according to Muslim rituals?

Pause here for personal anecdotes.

  • A good friend, David Jardine, passed away three years ago. He was an atheist, yet the service at the crematorium was, and seemingly had to be, conducted with Christian prayers and hymns. This may have been a comfort to some of us, but if I had believed in an afterlife I would have imagined Dave watching us with a wry smile while mouthing “WTF?”

  • I’m a Muslim, but only because that’s what’s written on the I.D. card of ‘Er Indoors and we couldn’t have got married in Indonesia if we professed different faiths. It somehow seemed easier for me to go through the meaningless to me rituals conducted in Arabic, a language I don’t speak or read.

Yesterday, Jokowi said he had no plan to drop the religion section from ID cards.

“We have Pancasila as our country’s foundation. Its first article clearly says ‘Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa’ (The Belief in One God), so having a religion is part of our character and identity,” Jokowi told reporters in Tegal, Central Java.

He said there was no practical reason to drop the religion section from ID cards.

“Why should we remove it if we know that this concerns our national identity?” he said.

“The Bhinneka Tunggal Ika [Unity in Diversity] principle must be upheld.”

I really like that principle and wish more countries had a similar doctrine. Yes, it must be upheld, but the belief in one God has lead to umpteen cases of religious-based violence, including attacks against followers of the Ahmadiyah in Banten and Lombok, and Shiites in Sampang, East Java, the illegal closure of churches, and the demolition of the Jewish synagogue in Surabaya.

Furthermore, the Belief in One God runs counter to Article XI of Indonesia’s Constitution which guarantees religious freedom for all.

Indonesia recognises just six religions, yet ‘tactfully’ permits certain groups, such as the Badui in West Java and the Mentawai in West Sumatra, to practice their ancient belief systems.

So whose ‘God’ should we follow?

I agree that there is only one, but not one officially recognised by the Indonesian government. Before the rise of monotheist (and masculine) religions some two thousand years ago, humanity worshipped many gods which truly governed the elements. Many were feminine goddesses, e.g. Isis, the Earth Goddess of Egypt and Gaia, the Mother Goddess of ancient Greece, creator and giver of birth to the Earth.

Whatever we call her, and I prefer Mother Nature, ‘she’ remains all powerful, and there isn’t anything that man-made religious constructs can do about it.

And that is why Indonesia should disband the Department of Religious Affairs (which allows polygamy, and other forms of corruption), and expand the Department of the Environment. Sadly, there has been no commitment or concern expressed by Jokowi or anyone in his campaign team about the post-reformasi ravaging of Indonesia’s ‘natural resources’ by private domestic and foreign companies.

The only indication of his awareness of its importance has been through the development of a bit more green space in Solo and Jakarta.

Hence my slowly fading faith.

The Timbuk 3 have a universal message.- Prey

Prabowo v Jokowi 4b (Human Rights)

What we know: Prabowo-Hatta Coalition
The Prabowo-Hatta duo is supported by the Greater Indonesia Movement (Gerindra), the Golkar Party, the National Mandate Party (PAN), the Prosperous Justice Party, the United Development Party (PPP), and the Crescent and Star Party (PBB) with 292 seats or 52.14% in parliament.

NB. It should be noted that both Golkar and PPP joined the coalition at the insistence of their respective chairmen, decisions not supported by the majority of their memberships.

Prabowo Subianto

What we know

– In 1998, Prabowo was dismissed from the military on the grounds of a number of cases of insubordination and disregard for the military code as well as charges of human rights violations. See this document (in bhs. Indonesia)
– In March this year, a New York Times report stated that in 2000 the US State Department denied the former general a visa to attend his son’s university graduation in Boston, but has never said why.
Prabowo told Reuters in 2012 he was still refused a US visa due to allegations that he instigated riots that killed hundreds after Suharto’s overthrow. He has denied wrongdoing.
Robert Gelbard, former United States Ambassador to Indonesia, described Prabowo as “somebody who is perhaps the greatest violator of human rights in contemporary times among the Indonesian military. His deeds in the late 90s before democracy took hold, were shocking, even by TNI standards.”
– In 1996, Prabowo led the Mapenduma Operation to secure the release of 12 researchers from the World Wildlife Fund’s Lorentz expedition taken hostage by the OPM several months earlier. The campaign began with the assault on Ngeselema using an Indonesian military helicopter disguised to look like the helicopter that ICRC mediators had been using for several months, [and] led to a brutal campaign of reprisal attacks by the Indonesian military (largely Kopassus) against highland villages thought to be sympathetic to the OPM.

What we think we know

Prabowo had a questionable role in the 1983 massacre in Kraras, East Timor.

Hatta Rajasa

What we think we know

– Was Rasyid Rajasa, son of Hatta, given a lenient sentence following the fatal crash he caused because of who he was?
– Why was the BMW car driven by Rasyid not included in Hatta’s wealth report?
– Hatta’s name crops up in various corruption trials, such as this one and this one

Supporters of Prabowo-Hatta Coalition

– The reputation of Aburizal Bakrie, Golkar’s chairman, has been severely tainted by the mud-flow disaster in 2006 caused by the alleged negligence of one of his companies, Lapindo, and that the company has yet to fully compensate the ‘refugees’ as mandated by presidential decree.

His maneuvering in 2010 to oust reformist finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati after she tried to make his coal companies pay their tax, has been viewed with disdain by all but his closest associates.

Suryadharma Ali, chairman of fundamentalist Muslim PPP, has since resigned as Religious Affairs Minister after he was charged by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in relation to alleged impropriety in the country’s $5 billion fund for the hajj pilgrimage.

Under his watch, abuses against religious minorities rose alarmingly. (Report .pdf, pub. Feb. 2013)

Bara Hasibuan, a spokesman for Prabowo’s campaign team, said last week that the coalition, did not condone religious intolerance or violence but would still welcome the endorsement of the FPI, the fundamentalist Muslim group notorious for mob attacks on religious minorities and illegal raids on legitimate businesses selling alcohol.

Go figure!

Hercules Rozario Marshal, the infamous Jakarta gang leader. is publicly supporting Prabowo’s presidential bid – and using his large group of followers to cash-in on Indonesia’s for-profit protest market.

– TNI jails soldier for harassing residents, but denies coercion …. eh?

Retired military figures are split between the two coalitions. Many inevitably carry human rights baggage, but it is difficult to determine what roles they are playing in the campaigns, let alone if they will have a role in whichever government is formed.

The Dice Man Cometh

I'm sick of voting for the lesser arsehole."
Tim Roth

Today's a public holiday in Jakarta as all those electors who have not been left off the voters list have the opportunity to choose someone different who promises to do something about the chaos in the city.

I think I mentioned the Jakarta gubernatorial election in passing a couple of weeks ago, but there is really little evidence of great excitement. Perhaps it's the awareness that whoever's been elected since reformasi some fourteen years ago has very often proved to be corrupt and/or incompetent.

All of the candidates have said something about the key issues: public transport, traffic jams and the condition of the roads – the top three priorities according to one survey, as well as waste disposal, corruption, bureaucracy, the lack of green space, floods and health. Nobody has come up with a radical vision of what can and should be done. This, of course, means that they haven't been reading Jakartass on a regular basis.

The physical evidence that an election takes place today came from the many banners strung over our back streets and even more Golkar stickers on our front wall which I contented myself by defacing. They're mostly gone now because there's been a three day cooling off period following the somewhat tepid campaigns.

That the campaigns have been peaceful is partly due to the Jakarta Elections Commission (KPU) only allowing two major gatherings per candidate pair, making sure that they were held far apart. We have had one noisy procession weave its way past the parked cars in our street, but our interest in Jakartass Towers has been more fixated on Euro 2012, Wimbledon and Indonesian Idol. (The lass who came 2nd is a school mate of Our Kid; he's happy that he wanted the winner to – erm -win.)

A democratic vote is, of course, supposed to be secret, but for all those I've spoken to who are on the voters list, it's either a matter of picking the best of a not very good bunch or, as in the case of 'Er Indoors, picking the candidate whose mother is from the same marga (Batak ethnic clan) as she is. Tossing a dice – there are six candidate pairs after all – to choose a new Jakarta Governor could well be an equally valid method.

If I had the vote, I'm not sure who would get my inky pinkie.  I'll let you work out for me who best fits my wish list. I'll generally use numbers and a for the candidate to be the governor and b for his – note: there isn't a single 'her' – partner as vice-governor.

These are them.
1. Fauzi Bowo – Nachrowi Ramli.
2. Hendardji Soepandji – Ahmad Riza Patria
3. Joko Widodo – Basuki Tjahaja Purnama
4. Hidayat Nur Wahid – Didik Junaedi Rachbini
5. Faisal Basri – Biem Benjamin
6. Alex Noerdin – Nono Sampono

For example, I would not vote for 1a. I've poured scorn on 'Mr. Moustache', Fuzzy Bodoh, Fauwi Bozo, so many times over the past five years that regular readers should understand why. But to put it all briefly, he's not demonstrated a clear vision for the city, conditions have generally worsened, and he's played the Betawi (supposed 'ethnic Jakartan') card, which has meant reaching an 'accommodation' with the Effing Perverted Islamists (FPI) and other street gangs, as well as pouring scorn on 'outsiders', presumably referring to 3a and 6a.

I'm wary of military figures and bureaucrata in political office. It's not so much the discipline and order they might impose, but because being systems operators they lack the imagination to be flexible, imaginative and to think outside the box. So that's 1a, 1b, 2a and 6b. Mind you, if the military 'b's were to help put into action the ideas and plans of the visionary 'a's then that might be a workable solution.

Only two candidates, other than 1a, have experience of running major regions, 3a, as mayor of Solo, and 6a, as governor of South Lampung. Both are proud to have kept their promises.

6a, however, is currently a 'witness' in the Corruption Eradication Commission's investigation into graft in the recent ASEAN Games held largely in his province. At his recent rally, naturally featuring dangdut singers, attendees were given Rp.20-30,000, thus boosting the crowd size. Furthermore, he and 6b are backed by Golkar and, presumably, the deep pockets – full of borrowed money – of the Abominable Bakrie.

Indonesian Corruption Watch has found that those candidates supported by political parties have received "vast amounts" of money from dubious donors, those who have failed to provide their names, addresses and tax numbers, as required according to Article 32 of the 2004 General Elections Law. Failure to do so by July 14th (this coming Saturday) could result in their disqualification. That means that pairs 1, 3, 4 and 6 have just a couple of days to get accounts sorted out. Otherwise I've been wasting my time putting this post together!

I applaud pairs 2 and 5 for standing as independent candidates. Unfortunately I've already ruled 2a out because he's a former military man. There have been just two dubious donors to pair 5, but they haven't given financial incentives to attendees at their rallies.

Would they remain independent if elected? The problem is that their support comes largely from the intelligentsia and middle classes, who may well be out of Jakarta today because it's the school holidays. The majority of those who remain are liable to be taken in by such stunts as 1a's free medical programme on Sunday.

What is fairly certain is that no candidate will manage to get 50%+ of today's vote, so there will be a later run off between the top two candidate pairs. This is time enough to find a double-headed coin to thereby ensure the election of anyone other than 1a.

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