What’s wrong with this?

I'm not referring to the mix of English and Indonesian, but there's a marketing ploy in this package which justifies its inclusion in the Boggles category.

And this?

Regular readers of Jakartass will be aware that I take great care with sentence structure and punctuation. None of us are perfect, so if I spot an error in a post, however old it is, I correct it.

It was with some trepidation, therefore, that I did the sample grammar and punctuation test in today's Guardian. Thankfully, I got 14 out of 14 correct. Apparently, year 6 pupils in the UK will be taking something similar in June as they sit their 11+ exams, or whatever they're called now.

This past week I've been helping Year 9s with 'simulasi' (practice) English tests as they prepare to take their ujian monyet  exams which they have to pass if they are to graduate and enter senior high school. There are practice books available from book stores, but this illustration is from an official simulasi provided by the Jakarta Education department last year. (Of the 50 questions students are expected to answer, just 17 were in 'good' English, and three of them were so simple that they could have been answered by anyone who's never had an English lesson.)

"What does the caution mean?"

It obviously means that those charged with raising academic standards are incompetent.

7 Responses to “What’s wrong with this?”

  1. Kit says:

    It's packaged to very much resemble a pack of cigarettes.
    Great content on your site, by the way.

  2. Masigit says:

    Cokelat should be chocolate

  3. warren says:

    original recipe…….more chocolate…. 
    illogical, literally at odds, but conveys the message well….haven't changed anything, just added more chocolate.

  4. Jakartass says:

    Well done Warren. Treat yourself to a box of … well nothing much really. All packaging and just a few grams of fairly tasteless nibbles.

  5. Jakartass says:

    A new Facebook page, mainly in bhs. Indonesia, has been set up to say No to the Ujian Nasional.

    "Everyone here should give advice, criticism, or even vent about the National Exam."


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