Image of the Week – 44 (Primates Helping Primates)

Terusan bounds free

On the 2nd November 2012, Borneo Orangutan Survival reintroduced [their] first rehabilitated orangutans from Nyaru Menteng into Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest in Central Kalimantan!. This was [their] biggest release yet, with 16 orangutans being released and of those 16 orangutans 5 of them have infants, making a total of 21.

The image shows Terusan bounding out of his cage as Lone watches on. Terusan immediately started moving through the trees, clearly enjoying his freedom. He was later located after 3pm about 550m from his release point – he continued to travel northwards.

More pics here.

3 Responses to “Image of the Week – 44 (Primates Helping Primates)”

  1. anong says:

    NIce one. Let's hope this works. Thanks for bringing this to our attention

  2. lukman hakim says:

    More attempts like this one should be done continually to preserve orang utan in Kalimantan Island. This campaign should be shared in order to make people know get participated.

  3. ultratupai says:

    “One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals” · Mahatma Gandhi.

    Those rescued orangs are not there because they want to be or like it very much. It is that their places of origin have been burned out and run over by oil palm plantations. As for Gandhi's quote, when it comes to the nation's animals Indonesia is neither great or moral. It is a backward, cruel, and small minded nation.

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