Pancasila Yes, Komunis No

That's the slogan to be seen on a banner just south of Grogol, the 'gateway' to West Jakarta.

I've no idea who put it there, but raising the old bugbear of a communist threat has been used by Front Pembela Islam (FPI), the military and assorted minority political groups to boost their profile. Their significance in terms of popular support is minimal, but I'm beginning to think that the evidence of the paranoia which is apparently creeping into the corridors of the presidential palace is somewhat justified.

There is some truth in the expression that just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

In yesterday's Tempointeractif, Presidential spokesperson Julian Aldrin Pasha suggests that the people around SBY have become alert to the issue of a coup d’etat.

According to Julian, in this era of democracy, every citizen has the right to voice their opinion, including criticizing the government. The government will also listen to the criticism openly.

However, Julian said, it would be much better if the criticisms were carried out for the people’s interest instead of political interest.

Hatta Rajasa, Coordinating Minister for the Economy, also said that every movement directed at overthrowing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would be violating the constitution.

So, is the threat real or are these statements mere smoke signals which drift away with the day's breeze?

I trust that the above statements were not in response to a comment left here two days ago.

"I have an old friend who is extremely clued in to the Indonesian political situation, both what the public sees and more importantly what's going on behind the scenes. He states quite matter of factly that SBY will not see out his full second term as president, he tells me that 2012 is the year to watch."

SBY is the first Indonesian president since Sukarno to be elected through a popular vote, and the first to serve a full term. Sukarno was forced out by Suharto who reigned as a Javanese king. Apart from Suharto's protege and the then vice-president Habibie who was handed power, all other presidents assumed office through the machinations of political parties, which of necessity allowed the military a role in the country's governance. (This is, of course, true of all countries, but not all armed forces have earned notoriety for their human rights violations.)

In February 1999, Habibie's Government passed the Political Parties Law. Under this law, political parties were not limited to just three as had been the case under the Suharto regime. Political parties were also not required to have Pancasila as their ideology. This resulted in the emergence of many political parties and 48 would go on to compete in the 1999 Legislative Election – the first free election since the 1955.

The word 'Pancasila' is derived from two Sanskrit words, 'panca' meaning five, and 'sila' meaning principles. The five tenets of the philosophy are:
* Belief in the one and only God.
* Just and Civilized Humanity.
* The unity of Indonesia.
* Democracy guided by consensus arising out of deliberations amongst representatives.
* Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia.

I've written before that 'belief in the one and only God' runs counter to Indonesia's Constitution which guarantees religious freedom, and, like so many observers of the Indonesian political scene, have also pointed out that the "deliberations amongst representatives" rarely offer "social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia." Yet having a philosophy as the basis of a social contract binding a nation together as it emerges, post 1998, from centuries of autocratic rule is better than none at all.

That political parties need not have Pancasila as their core philosophy could therefore explain the current political malaise.

The Islamic totalitarian impulse remains unchecked and that neither SBY
nor the mainstream Islamic groups have reined in such groups is leading
to further public disenchantment. Groups such as the FPI have been allowed to flourish thanks to both covert and overt backing.

Their targets include not only Ahmadiyah, a 200,000 strong non-violent Muslim sect, but also bars serving alcohol, gays, Christians and even traditional Javanese shadow puppet shows. The latter, an attack on indigenous Indonesian culture, can be seen as a direct challenge to the State's credo: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, loosely translated as Unity in Diversity.

Just one Islamic political party was allowed under Suharto (the United Development Party – PPP) which perforce had to agree to his version of Pancasila. Now, following last year's national election with 6.6% of the popular vote, it ranks behind the other Islamic parties which passed the threshold of 2.5% enabling them to have representatives in Parliament. The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) garnered 10.2%, and the National Mandate Party (PAN) had 7.7% of the vote. All three are part of SBY's government coalition, yet their pronouncements are seen to promote the agendas of their parties.

We have the Twittering Simplefool, formerly chairman of the so-called Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) assuming he can control access to content online media, and Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali ( PPP) denying the rights of the Ahmadiyah.

PPP has become the first political party to openly support Sri Mulyani Indrawati’s presidential bid in 2014 –  assuming the former finance minister decides to contest the election – saying she is "eligible for the top executive post due to her competence, intelligence and integrity."

That is an openly populist move, but hardly in the nature of a coup d’état.

So, which groups, apart from a few student groups who naively seek immediate change, are formenting trouble?

Could it be SBY himself?

After all, the military and police upper echelons are now stacked with his
appointees, given that police chief in waiting Comr.Gen. Timur Pradopo will undoubtably pass his
'fit and proper' test in the House of Representatives. SBY stands on his dignity – style above substance – taking umbrage at a couple of Mollucans in the Netherlands who dare to suggest that he, as President, is responsible for the torture of a negligible separatist group. He also regularly drops hints about assassination plots against himself, yet 'local terrorists' who might ultimately be responsible for such an attack are killed outright before they can be questioned.

It is a plausible conspiracy theory, and one that could eventuate given what the Post calls the Tyranny of the majority.

The one safeguard for Indonesians is that there is freedom of speech and a number of advocates and NGOs are prepared to stand up for the rights of all to live in harmony.

We must not let these rights be eroded, and must continue to demand that the popularly elected representative in the Presidential Palace on the north side of Merdeka (Freedom) Square condemns, through deeds as well as words, the actions of those who ioppose the popular will.

12 responses to “Pancasila Yes, Komunis No”

  1. ultratupai says:

    Pancasila was concocted by Sukarno to get everyone to agree on the character of the the Indonesian state. I do not think it was ever meant to be enshrined as some sort of legal mechanism. Later Pancasila was picked up by Sukarno and enshrined at the Pancasila Sakti monument (I have visited this monument several times and every time it has been empty as a tomb. I suspect most people understand exactly what it is and have no real use for it) and used as anti-PKI propaganda. Back in the day every year there was some sort of solemn gathering at the site where officials re-dedicated themselves to Pancasila (read anti-PKI). Of course the anti-communist story was the central underpinning of the Suharto regime. A nasty distortion of Indonesia's history (not to mention the justification of the murder of nearly a-half-million Indonesians). A distortion because anyone who is familiar with the history of early Indonesian nationalism (zaman pergerakan) knows that nationalism, Islam, and communism were bound together in the anti-colonial cause. In fact many leading Islamic figures of the day WERE communists. They argued that the principles of Islam were the same as the principles of communism. By the late 1920s their efforts were crushed by the Dutch and their leaders exiled. The PKI emerged again after independence to become the third largest communist party in the world. If the 1954 elections had been held they would have won a majority. Sukarno himself wrote a rather famous essay called: Nationalism, Islam, and Marxism. The heart of the support for the PKI (perhaps one of the most effective grass-roots party ever in Indonesia) largely came from East and Central Java (also Bali (!) and some areas in Sumatra) – their rank and file were mostly faithful Muslims. My how times have changed.
    I think Indonesia is still troubled by the legacy of Suharto who robbed the people of their true history and their true ideals.
    SBY fears of an immanent  the coup d'etat is bizarre to say the least- he might be removed from office but only because his mind is going off its rails.

  2. Miko says:

    Actually I think times haven't remotely changed, the Muslims always loathed the Communists despite the fact that many Communists may have been nominal Muslims. It was the Islamists who led the slaughter against the Communists in Eastern and Central Java as they had seen their political position as well as their private property being increasingly suborned by the avowedly atheistic Communists in the previous decade. The idea that Sukarno and his few soldiers were able to wreak such devastation on the Communist party without the muscle power of the Muslims is nonsense.
    The Communists and Muslims were almost always at each others throats and rightly so, they both hold mutually antagonistic and unreconcilable positions no matter how much gloss is coated on the Communist position by sympathisers.

  3. ultratupai says:

    Comrade Miko,
    I think you meant Suharto rather than Sukarno. But it doesn't matter as you haven't a clue anyway. Look up, if you can, Hadji Mohammed Misbach or Mas Marco. In the 20s the PKI rank and file consisted of peasants, sugar cane workers, the shipyard workers of Surabaya, and the unionized tram and train workers. By the 20s they were the only effective front line party in Indonesia. In fact they were the first political party in Indonesia to use the word "Indonesia" in their name. Sure, Islam and the PKI did not often see eye-to-eye and they fought some tough political battles in the early days. Misbach (and who could doubt his faith as a Muslim) called Mohammediyah a bunch of ass-lickers. But so it goes. Anyway how do you explain the immense popularity of the PKI in the late 50s and  and early 60s. Just does not make sense. If communists and Muslims were at each other throats it was entirely because of Suharto's anti-PKI propaganda backed US CIA intervention. That propaganda is all in plain site to see at the Pancasila Sakti monument. You can go there and check it out for your self. Suharto was so effective in erasing Indonesian history he even has you believing his nonsense.

  4. Miko says:

    Ah yes it was those fiendishly cunning CIA men who were able to trick the Muslims (and when I refer to the Muslims I don't mean the generic faith of individuals but the political force of Islam which you yourself recognise as one of the three pillars of Indonesian political life) into believing that in a Communist ruled country their interests and that of the Nationalists wouldn't be cherished equally by the ever so tolerant cadres. Clueless, he calls me! Ever studied what happened to opposition forces in Russia, China, Poland, Cambodia, Cuba, Vietnam etcetera, et bloody (pun intended) cetera whenever the Comrades got into power? What makes you think Indonesian Communists would have been any more benign?
    One other thing, this 500,000 dead Communists thing? Where does that number come from? I've been googling and I can't seem to find any definitive proof that anything like that number were killed. Sure everyone bandies that figure around, indeed it is in the lower scale of estimates with the wilder numbers running to two million or more but no one has ever provided hard evidence that anything next or near this number of people were killed.
    Just let's put that figure in perspective, in six years of world war, 1939-45 the British fought a colossal war against the Nazis and Imperial Japanese, they fought on land and sea and in the air, they were brought nearly to the brink of starvation and for almost a year suffered nightly bombardment on their civilian populations in the cities. At the end of that war the total British dead numbered a half a million.
    The same number of people who were allegedly massacred in a few months by the Indonesian state, a state not hitherto noted for its efficiency. Yet not only was this massacre carried out but the Indonesian government was able to almost completely hide it from view and then wipe out 90% of the evidence that it ever took place. With the exception of a few mass graves and the testimony of several individuals there is almost no hard evidence that a "genocide" (as it is often referred to) took place on the scale that is alleged. Indeed to listen to western liberals what Suharto (my apologies for the mistake above) manged to carry out was on a scale equivalent to the Khmer Rouge or Hitler. Sorry I just can't find the evidence to support this claim.
    Where are the millions of witnesses? Half a million victims would have left tens of millions of traumatised family members to remember the dead, where are they all? It was only forty odd years ago, there should still be millions of them around screaming to the high heavens for justice but apart from a handful of activists they seem remarkably few and far between.
    To take purely anecdotal evidence, when I visited Vietnam my pedicab driver quite spontaneously gave a harrowing account of his life under Communist rule (he was a former south Vietnamese soldier and a Catholic) his years in prison and the slaughter of his friends. I once met a Cambodian lady who also, quite without prompting, related her terror stricken childhood under Pol Pot and the murder of her father and other family members.
    Now let's look at Indonesia, I've met and talked with dozens of people from Central and Eastern Java as well as Bali (where if we are to believe the statistics almost 5% of the population was murdered) and I have never met a single person with any personal or family recollection of the massacres, nothing, no one. They are not frightened to talk about it, they are not ignorant of the history, it's just that they never actually had any personal contact with it. Sixty years after WW2 every single person in Britain can give some family story relating to death or loss in that war but strangely not a single person I have ever met in Indonesia has had any relation to what was supposedly one of the greatest mass murders in the twentieth century.  It doesn't pass the smell test.
    I note of course that one of the earliest proponents of the million plus dead theory was Communist sympathising leftist Noam Chomsky, the same man who downplayed Pol Pot's massacres. I wonder if the undoubtedly real anti-Communist purges of 1965-66 have been blown up to create some sort of numerical equivalence with the appalling and fully documented slaughter by Asian Communists elesewhere.
    The Indonesian government puts the number of dead in what was a vicious civil war at about 80,000, this figure is often dismissed but I wonder if in fact the Indonesians might have a somewhat clearer idea of what happened in their own country than do the leader writers of western newspapers writing years after the events.

  5. ultratupai says:

    Comrade Miko,

    Most Indonesians, particularly in Bali and East Java would have witnessed incidents of killings or other violence during the 1965-66 period. However, until the fall of the Suharto regime in 1998, there were only a handful of published accounts by survivors about what they had witnessed in 1965-66.
    Since 1998 several former political prisoners have published their memoirs, focusing on their experiences inside gaol. These works include accounts of torture, beatings and murder inside the gaols as well as accounts of prisoners being taken away never to return (see for example Sulami, 1999).
    Several researchers have also collected oral testimonies from survivors of the violence, which include recollections of witnessing killings.
    There are a number of published accounts by witnesses and perpetrators available in English. The first major edited book on the killings by Cribb (1990) includes a translated report from the army history division on crushing the PKI in Central Java, an anonymous report on the killings in East Java, two reports on the killings in 1969 in Purwodadi and three short reports on the violence in Bali.
    Pipit Rochijat, a graduate in electrical engineering, provided an account of the killings in Kediri, East Java in a piece titled ‘Am I PKI or non-PKI?’ (Rochijat, 1985). At the time of the killings Rochijat was a student. He witnessed the killings, in which his friends participated. He recalls that troops from nationalist and religious youth groups, including recruits from Islamic boarding schools, would surround a village suspected of being communist such as Pare in East Java. The next day he would see corpses, sometimes mutilated, floating down the Brantas river often tied to or impaled with bamboo sticks so they would float and be visible to others. He also recalls the road west of Kediri being decorated with PKI heads and male genitals being hung outside brothels. He recalls watching people die and beg for mercy, the image of heads being decapitated, the screams of a Gerwani woman as her vagina was pierced with a bamboo pole. As a member of a PNI youth group he also was targeted for arrest in a later wave of army-directed arrests.
    In 1989 an unidentified member of a leftist youth organization, possibly Pemuda Rakyat, who escaped death recorded his memories of witnessing some killings from hiding. His work was published in English under the title By the Banks of the Brantas . In this piece, republished in Cribb (1997), he recounts his experiences of avoiding capture and viewing the slaughter and decapitation of several men and women.
    Yusuf Hasyim also published a short account of Ansor’s role in opposing the communists before and after the 30 September Movement in a larger volume on the New Order period (Hasyim, 2005).
    In 2008, shortly after the death of former president Suharto, journalist Anthony Deutsch published some interviews with people who recalled the violence of 1965. In one interview in Blitar, East Java, Markus Talam, a former member of a left-wing union for park rangers who was gaoled for ten years on suspicion of being a communist sympathiser, recalls seeing soldiers herding prisoners from trucks, lining them up and shooting them with automatic weapons (Deutsch, 2008a).
    In another rare interview, four perpetrators in Bangil, East Java, expressed no remorse for the killings. Sulchan, who is now a preacher and was a former member of Banser suggested the order to kill communists came through Islamic clerics within the Nadhlatul Ulama. Sulchan admitted to leading the killings in his local area and recounted how his men killed a school teacher with a sledgehammer, how they decapitated one man and hung his head in the town square. On another night they took 20-30 prisoners to an execution site, dumping the bodies in a ditch (Deutsch, 2008b).
    Both military official histories of particular regiments and histories of Ansor and/or the NU include accounts of the killings throughout Indonesia (see for example Semdam VIII, Brawidjaja, 1969 and Anam, 1990).

  6. ultratupai says:

    AGAIN Comrade Miko,

    Kill tally: Up to two million killed following an alleged coup attempt in 1965 (most reports estimate the number at around 500,000). Over 250,000 deaths following the invasion of East Timor in 1975. Thousands more killed in various Indonesian provinces.
    Nearly 750,000 people were arrested and imprisoned in 1965.
    I would also direct you to the first hand accounts as reported by Time Magazine. You can look that up in their archives.
    On 17 December, 'Time' magazine reports that, "According to accounts brought out of Indonesia by Western diplomats and independent travellers, communists, red sympathisers and their families are being massacred by the thousands. Backlands army units are reported to have executed thousands of communists after interrogation in remote rural jails. Moslems, whose political influence had waned as the communists gained favour with Sukarno, had begun a 'holy war' in East Java against Indonesian reds even before the abortive September coup. …
    "The killings have been on such a scale that the disposal of the corpses has created a serious sanitation problem in East Java and northern Sumatra, where the humid air bears the reek of decaying flesh. Travellers from those areas tell of small rivers and streams that have been literally clogged with bodies; river transportation has at places been impeded."
    A secret report by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) notes that, "Estimates of the number of people killed in Indonesia in the anti-PKI bloodbath after the coup range from 87,000, the official Indonesian Government estimate, to 500,000.
    "The figure of 87,000 … is probably too low. The US Embassy estimated the figure to be closer to 250,000. It would be a mistake to put too much faith in any of the various estimates. … Undoubtedly, vast numbers were killed.
    "The killings in Java alone put the Mau Mau massacres and the killings in the Congo in the shadow, although the latter got much more publicity.
    "In terms of the numbers killed the anti-PKI massacres in Indonesia rank as one of the worst mass murders of the 20th Century, along with the Soviet Purges of the 1930s, the Nazi mass murders during the Second World War, and the Maoist bloodbath of the early 1950s."
    Mostly Miko, I feel sorry for you.

  7. ultratupai says:

    THREE last things:
    The involvement of ANSOR, Muhammdiyah and NU would not have taken place without the backing and encouragement of the Indonesian army (and yes, fully backed by the US CIA with kill lists in hand).
    Accounts of the killings that have emerged in recent years, however, have indicated that the military played a key role in the killings in almost all regions. In broad terms, the massacres took place according to two patterns. In Central Java and parts of Flores and West Java, the killings took place as almost pure military operations. Army units, especially those of the elite para-commando regiment RPKAD, commanded by Sarwo Edhie, swept through district after district arresting communists on the basis of information provided by local authorities and executing them on the spot. In Central Java, some villages were wholly PKI and attempted to resist the military, but they were defeated and all or most villagers were massacred. In a few regions—notably Bali and East Java—civilian militias, drawn from religious groups (Muslim in East Java, Hindu in Bali, Christian in some other regions) but armed, trained, and authorized by the army, carried out raids themselves. Rarely did militias carry out massacres without explicit army approval and encouragement.
    PKI membership…
    The PKI claimed a membership of 3.5 million people by 1965. In addition it had another 23.5 million members in affiliated organizations. These affiliated organizations included a wide range of interests including the Barisan Tani Indonesia (BTI – Indonesian Farmer’s Union), The Indonesian Workers Union (SOBSI), Lembaga Kebudayaan Rakyat Indonesia (LEKRA – The Indonesian People’s Culture Institute), Gerwani (The Indonesian Women’s Movement) and the youth organization Pemuda Rakyat (The People’s Youth). Members of these organizations shared a broad political agenda with the PKI. In some cases, however, they joined for very specific reasons rather than an overarching commitment to communist ideology. Some illiterate farmers, for example, were attracted to BTI because of the potential to gain their own land holdings or the promise of fairer wages. The army condemned members of these affiliated organizations alongside the PKI for their alleged involvement in the 30th of September Movement.
    Members of the PKI, BTI, Pemuda Rakyat, Gerwani, SOBSI and LEKRA were all targeted in the initial arrests and imprisonments. They were identified by means of organizational lists compiled by the army, or in the case of local communities, by means of general knowledge of peoples’ alliances.
    If the PKI were still functioning today in Indonesia with a party membership of 3.5 million and another 23.5 million affiliated (this is 1960s figures!) they would be one of the most powerful political parties in Indonesia without doubt. Like I said their effectiveness and popularity was due to their grass-roots organization.
    Everything (nearly) I have posted above is quoted. Excuse the absence of quote marks. Also it seems I cannot insert  links without my comments being recognized as spam so sorry about the absence of attribution. However, the important thing is I made my point.  But anyone with an internet connection can google this information.

  8. ultratupai says:

    See: Dr Katharine E. McGregor, The Indonesian Killings of 1965-1966 , Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence, [online], published on 4 August 2009, accessed 16 October 2010, URL :, ISSN 1961-9898
    See: moreorless : heroes & killers of the 20th century Search: Suharto
    See: Time Magazine, "Indonesia: Vengeance with a smile" July 15, 1966
    See: Kathy Kadane, "Ex-agents say CIA Compiled Death Lists for Indonesians," San Francisco Examiner, May 20, 1990
    See: National Security Archive: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-6 Volume XXVI Indonesia;  Malaysia-Singapore;  Philippines
    See also:
    CRIBB, Robert, 2001a, «Genocide in Indonesia, 1965-1966», Journal of Genocide Research , June, 3: 219-239.
    MCGREGOR, Katharine E. and HEARMAN, Vannessa, 2007, «The Challenges of Political Rehabilitation in Post New Order Indonesia: the Case of Gerwani (the Indonesian Women’s Movement», South East Asia Research , 15:. 377-406
    MCGREGOR, E. Katharine, 2007, History in Uniform: Military Ideology and the Construction of the Indonesian Past, Singapore: Asian Studies Association of Australia in conjunction with National University of Singapore Press, KITLV and University of Hawaii Press.
    MCGREGOR, Katharine, 2002, «Hari Kesaktian Pancasila: A Post Mortem Analysis», Asian Studies Review , 26: 39-72.
    MCVEY and ANDERSON, 1971, A Preliminary Analysis of the Coup Attempt of the October 1, 1965 Coup in Indonesia , Ithaca: Cornell University Modern Indonesia Project.
    ROOSA, John, 2006, Pretext for Mass Murder: the September 30th Movement and Suharto’s coup d’état in Indonesia , Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press.
    ROOSA, J., RATIH, A. and FARID, H. (eds.), 2004, Tahun Yang Tak Pernah Berakhir: Memahami Pengalaman Korban 65: Esai-Esai Sejarah Lisan (The Year that Never Ended: Understanding the Experiences of Victims of 1965: Oral History Essays) , Jakarta: Lembaga Studi dan Advokasi Masyarakat.
    SIMPSON, Bradley R., 2008, Economists with Guns: Authoritarian development and U.S.-Indonesian Relations, 1960-1968 , Stanford: Stanford University Press.
    Just see…

  9. Miko says:

    I do not deny that an anti-Communist purge took place in Indonesia, that such a purge took place is well documented, that thousands of people were murdered is also accepted, that many thousands of people were jailed is also not denied.
    However in all that great wodge of regurgitated googling you haven't addressed my point, the essential question I asked; where is the hard evidence to say that the Indonesian government figure of 80,000 dead (an awful death toll in and of itself) is far too low and the generally accepted figure of half a million is more accurate? I am all for historical revisionism but to do so you need to come up with hard evidence and facts. I have yet to find any evidence to prove that the figure of 80,000 dead from a vicious civil war that had been brewing in Java and Bali for years before erupting in 1965-66 is particularly inaccurate.
    At the time of the junta in Argentina the relatives of the dead spoke out openly and freely and produced personal details of who was killed and where. In Stalin's Soviet Union the Ukrainians and other persecuted people backed up their claims of genocide, the Armenians in Turkey could prove the facts of their genocide despite it being a criminal offence to do so, as did the Jews in Nazi occupied Europe. In Cambodia and Rwanda the bones of the dead fill hecatombs and the clear evidence is presented for criminal prosecution.
    In Indonesia uniquely where, if we are to believe the propaganda, one of the worst genocides in history took place in our lifetime the actual hard evidence seems to be limited to the testimonies of Communist political prisoners. No one I have ever met in Indonesia (and I have lived here for the best part of a decade and met hundreds of people from Java and Bali and discussed Indonesian history and politics with them) has any personal recollection or family connection with this supposed genocide. A crime on the scale that is alleged would have left a deep and traumatic imprint on Indonesian society, the demographic results alone would have produced a significant population imbalance, the evidence for it would be everywhere.
    I state again, I do not deny the Communists got the rough end of a very nasty civil war, the exact same rough end they were planning for their political opponents had they got control of Indonesia. Tens of thousands of the Comrades met the death they planned for others. Was it a genocide? No. Did between half a million and two million people die? No, not even nearly. Such absurd charges were generated by the propagandists on the losing side to deflect attention from the magnitude of the Communist defeat.

  10. ultratupai says:

    Are you kidding me?  Do you even have any idea of what you have just said here? Sad and very, very pathetic. Like I said, I just feel sorry for you. So enough already.

  11. Miko says:

    No need for you tio feel sorry for me old chap, my life is immeasurably better on all accounts than yours. I see that beyond name caling you have been unable to prove me wrong. Poor debating skills, very poor.

  12. Miko says:

    No need to feel sorry for me old chap, I imagine my life is immeasurably better than yours in so many ways. Pity you can't actually muster an argument beyond personalised slanging, I take it you can't actually produce any evidence to prove me wrong then.

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