Image of the Week – 186 (Street Sculptures)

Jakarta Post / Tarko Sudiarno

A woman enjoys the sculpture of fictional superhero Spider-Man having his lunch in Yogyakarta. The sculpture, made by artist Amboro Liring, is exhibited as part of the Jogja Street Sculpture Festival, which presents the works of 32 participating artists and will run until the end of the year.

You have until the end of the year to go to Yogya and take selfies.

Creative Clock Watchers

There are a lot of talented Indonesians who have the craft but have trouble marketing themselves.

So said Triawan Munaf this month. He was the Jokowi appointee as head of the euphemistically named Creative Economy Agency back in January. Back then he was interviewed (video: in bhs Indonesia) and commented on “what people could expect out of an agency meant to be filled mostly with creative professionals as opposed to bureaucrats and politicians.”

Until June, Pak Triawan didn’t have an office, and had to work out of his house.

Then the Agency was reorganised, presumably because its budget of Rp.1 trillion (c.US$7.3 million) had finally been released by Parliament. Rather than now reporting directly to President Jokowi, the department, known as Bek Raf (eh?), is now under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism, despite the agency chief being a position equal to a government minister. This curious turnaround potentially negates the very reason the agency was formed in the first place.

This is the same Ministry which a year or so ago promoted nasi goreng (fried rice) as an iconic Indonesian food and sent a recipe to the country’s embassies. Now they have hired Ogilvy Public Relations Indonesia, for a reported $100 million dollars, to promote the country as a tourism destination around the world.

The videos which reach our screens here are as bland as this earlier one …

The Limitless Wonderful Words to Portray Indonesia
I counted just six: here’s another one – crap.

The former Director General of Creative Economy, Harry Waluyo, has been appointed Chief Secretary.

The agency deputy is industry veteran Ricky Pesik (video), is a former general secretary of Indonesia’s ad association, the Persatuan Perusahaan Periklanan Indonesia [PPPI].

The committee also includes:
Deputy for Access to Capital: Fadjar Hutomo
Deputy for Marketing: Joshua M. Simanjuntak who has a design studio.
Deputy for Research, Education, and Development: Boy Berawi is into trains.
Deputy for Intellectual Property Facilitation and Regulation: Ari Juliano Gema
Deputy for Interdepartmental and Regional Relations: Endah W. Sulistianti (film producer)
Deputy for Infrastructure: Hari Sungkari (Secretary General for Indonesia Digital Creative Industry Society)

In the interview quoted at the top, Triawan Munaf went on to say that Be Kraf would  “showcase only Indonesia’s top tier musicians, architects or others first and foremost to the international community.”

If they’re already top tier, then they already get invites to play embassy gigs,and to participate in international trade and cultural shows, so why should they get more?

Does it still rankle with Triawan Munaf that the group Giant Step (video), in which he was keyboardist-vocalist, did not take the giant step to international stardom? Or that his daughter Sherina, who was a child star who plagued us on TV before satellite dishes were widely available, is one of the “top tier” … but not him?.

The creative economy exists in its truest from – free from the rules and regulations imposed by blinkered non-creative bureaucrats – and is flourishing in terms of creativity.

Take Siti, the internationally acclaimed film by Jogya film maker Eddie Cahyono which has just been named Indonesian Film of the Year. He also won an award for Best Original Screenplay, as he did at the Shanghai Film Festival in June, and Krisna Purna won an award as Best Music Director.

What the crew did not have was government patronage from a bunch of clock watching bureaucrats seeking reflected glory and a slice of the resources pie.

In February this year, a senior Tourism Ministry official was fired and an international delegation recalled after the ministry came under a maelstrom of criticism for sending a party of unknown delegates to the Berlin International Film Festival after snubbing requests for financial assistance by accomplished filmmakers and actors.

Reach out for the master’s mask
The wound is deeper than you think
It’s only surface tension but break it and we sink
Track 4 of this great album by Rupert Hine, lyrics by Jeannette Obstoj

There are umpteen musicians who receive invitations to perform abroad. They don’t earn much, and many have to pay their own way having overcome the hassles of letters of sponsorship or accreditation from the government before applying for overseas visas. That process alone can take months.

I’d be pleased to be proved wrong, but all the evidence points to a singular lack of creativity from this top-heavy government department. The most important position is held by Ari Juliano Gema: “facilitating” intellectual copyrights, and performance rights would go a long way to boosting the economy of writers and musicians.

Working at provincial and regency levels, by providing information and assistance at the local ‘cultural’ level, is a must. Presumably that’s part of Hari Sungkari’s brief in providing infrastructure. The priority does not lie abroad, but here. The Tourism Ministry is perhaps deluded in thinking that tourist numbers will double to 20 million in just a couple of years. Even so, if local artists and artisans received greater practical support, and not by way of regulatory strictures, and were able to ‘market’ their wares more effectively in and around their home bases, then tourists would be attracted.

And one more thing Pak Triawan: please tell Jakarta Gov. Ahok that cutting the budget of the city’s Culture and Tourism Agency so that there would not be any festivals, unless sponsored by cigarette companies, is a bad thing to do.

Image of the Week – 185 (Maluda)

I came from the East, where light is born; went through Africa, where I learned to love life; I came to Europe, where I studied painting in the city of lights; then I fixed myself in Lisbon. Gradually I retraced the labyrinthic path towards light …
Maluda, pseudonym of Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro (1934 – 1999)

I ‘discovered’ the painting above on the FB page of Stephane Thos who’d ‘Liked’ a photo I’d posted on my FB page. I don’t know Stephane and he doesn’t know me, so we’re not FB ‘Friends’. He’s French, and I can read and speak it – assez bien, je crois – which is how I managed to work out that the painting above is by the Portuguese painter Maluda.

I know the painting is of Lisbon, but as it’s one of a series, for the moment it has to be entitled Lisbao #?.  What captured me was that in reducing the town-landscape to its essential colours, components and perspectives, “a synthesis of the urban landscape“,  it is easily recognisable yet remains intangible. It is populated by one’s imagination.

For some, Maluda was a ‘mere’ graphic artist: she was commercially successful with silkscreen prints, posters, and postage stamps, yet who’s to say that the Impressionists of some eighty years earlier would not have achieved similar dissemination of their work: it certainly has since.

In her series of paintings of windows she echoes the work of Claude Monet who painted more than twenty pictures of the front of Rouen Cathedral as he attempted to capture the ever-changing light.

What is impressive to me is that her visual art has inspired at least two fado songs, a Portugese music genre which is in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. (Indonesians will surely be aware that fado was one of the roots of krongcong.)

This video features Maluda’s art.

Image of the Week – 184 (Freed Orangutans)

Photograph: Mast Irham/EPA     Click here for larger image

The fingers of an orangutan protrude from a cage as it arrives from Thailand at Halim airport in south-east Jakarta.

After stringent medical examinations, a group of 14 smuggled orangutans were repatriated from Thailand to Indonesia on Thursday, five years after the majority of them were discovered abandoned by the side of the road.

Read on

Where Is Their Dignity?

How can a nation walk into its future when dark spots of its history remain behind a smoke screen?

Tomorrow, November 10th, the International People’s Tribunal (on Crimes Against Humanity in Indonesia) starts meeting for three days in the Hague, Netherlands.

It’s aims are simple:
– to establish the truth based on the facts about the violence of 65/66
– to seek recognition, rehabilitation and justice for the victims, ultimately leading to reconciliation.

The words ‘retribution’ and ‘compensation’ are not mentioned.

The historical facts are clear: just over 50 years ago, members of President Soekarno’s Presidential Guard kidnapped and killed high ranking military officers, and threw them into Lubang Buaya, a well at Halim, the air force training ground, on the south-east outskirts of Jakarta. An official autopsy confirmed that the bodies were not mutilated, although that was the rumour disseminated widely as General Soeharto, the soon-to-be president, took charge.

From then until his ‘abdication’ in May 1998, the population was indoctrinated to believe that the six months of mass killings in 1965/66 were necessary to rid the country of members of Indonesia’s Communist Party because they had been behind the attempted coup.

It is an open secret, partly because Sarwo Edhie Wibowo admitted it shortly before his death in 1989, that the military then, under his leadership of Indonesia’s Special Forces, instigated the 1965/66 massacre and mass arrests, partly through the training of militias (see The Act of Killing). Declassified documents also detail the involvement of the British, Australian and the American governments, the latter actively through the supply of names and their whereabouts.

It is not my intention here to rehash what is widely known, but to ponder the significance of the Tribunal.

President SBY paid some lip service by accepting a report from an investigation on the massacre by Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM). Released on July 23 2012, it found evidence of crimes against humanity committed during the Communist purge.

The commission ultimately declared the systematic prosecution of alleged members of the PKI after the failed 1965 coup as a gross human rights violation.

Komnas HAM, however, said that the biggest obstacle for the institution to finalize its findings was the absence of concrete evidence, such as weapons and bullets used to execute the victims. The commission could do little and called on the Attorney General’s Office to follow through with its findings which, of course, it didn’t do.

President Jokowi initially planned to offer a formal apology to victims of the genocide. However, this past August, Indonesia’s House of Representatives (DPR) announced its opposition to President Jokowi’s plans. It warned that such an apology could spark ‘new conflict’. The threat appears to have contributed to Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung’s announcement on 22 September that plans for an official apology had been shelved.

As a student, Jokowi’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security of Indonesia, General (Ret.) Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, was one of the founders of the Indonesian Student Action Union (KAPI) that raised students against the Old Order and the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party).

This makes clear the why and where Jokowi stands with regards to his puppet masters.

Jokowi at Lubang Buaya, September 15th 2015

A number of recent incidents clearly demonstrate that the perpetrators are fearful that the Tribunal would expose the criminality of the New Order regime, and expose the system that made them who they are. And they are powerful enough to ensure that they are part of the administration.

  • The deportation of an Indonesia born Swedish citizen in his seventies from West Sumatra who attempted to visit the mass grave in which his father was buried.
    During interrogation and in written documents, there was no mention of any law being broken.”

  • The cancellation of the discussion of books which focus on 65/66 at the recent Ubud Readers and Writers Festival .
    The program got caught in the contradictions of Bali’s tourism existence and the ambiguities of the government’s passivity.”

  • ‘Communist’ Toys Seized in Yogyakarta, Authorities Cite Safety of Children

  • The creation of a 100 million(!) strong Defending the State programme.
    Adults aged under 50 years are obliged to join the program, as long as they are strong and healthy. After the training, the participants will be listed as cadres in the National Political Unity Office (Kesbangpol)
    Ironically, this would not be surprising if it was reported from ‘communist’ North Korea.

Civil servants undergo military training, part of an existing program.

Earlier this year I profiled friend Bedjo Untung who as a 17 year old in 1965 went undercover because his father, a teacher, had been arrested and exiled to Buru Island without trial. After five years on the run, Bedjo was caught and incarcerated in Jakarta’s jails until 1976.

Most of Bedjo’s time is now spent working, unpaid, for the Indonesian Institute for the Study of 1965/1966 Massacre (YPKP65) which was founded on April 7th 1999.

In August, a national meeting due to be held in the Central Java city of Salatiga was postponed following death threats against organising committee members.

YPKP 65 chairperson Bedjo Untung said that the threats came from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and the Islamic Defenders Guard (GPI). Members had also been approached by an intelligence officer from the national police who urged them to postpone the event.

When I met him a few weeks ago he told me that he had recently been bedridden, paralysed, for a fortnight. He did not tell me about the threats. I thought then it was a case of severe nervous exhaustion partly caused by the stress of preparing for the Tribunal, the culmination of a struggle for government recognition of the continued suffering of the victims, tainted by the fifty years continued lies of the establishment. He didn’t tell me of the death threats.

I have written this post at his request. Whether the Tribunal can achieve tangible results other than universal condemnation of the massive cover up foisted on the Indonesian population is a moot point.

I advised Bedjo to see out the remaining years of his life in doing something which will satisfy his soul, perhaps by making music on his guitar with his son, a noted pianist.

His dignity will remain intact: he’s fought the good fight, and now he deserves some peace.

Those who have tried unsuccessfully to stifle his efforts and those of thousands of others, many of whom have died in their old age, will not be present at the Tribunal.

The perpetrators demonstrate a clear lack of basic humanity, and in hiding behind faux nationalism while hiring fundamentalist Islamic youths and uniformed lackeys to act blindly on their behalf, they surely have no place in a decent society.

They are afraid of their shadows and the ghosts of their pasts.

In short, they lack dignity.

Image of the Week – 183 (Green Chicks)

Photograph: Zuma/Shutterstock

Dyed chicks are offered for sale at a market. The chicks are coloured to appeal to children, so at five per one US dollar they are very cheap (cheep?).

This is a very sad allegory for the state of Indonesia’s education system.

Of the two other photos from Indonesia on the same day’s page, this is a glass half full, and this is very strange!

A Brief History of Indonesia

A Brief History of Indonesia
Tim Hannigan
pub. Tuttle 2015
ISBN 978-0-8048-4476-5 (pbk)
ISBN 978-0-4629-1716-7(ebook)

[The sub-title is far from brief: Sultans, Spices and Tsunamis – The Incredible Story of Southeast Asia’s Largest Nation.]

When Tim Hannigan first arrived in Indonesia “as an earnest young backpacker with a passion for history“, he was unable to find anything with a general overview; just academic tomes and guides to tourist ‘obyeks’ of interest. These guides, phrase books and beautiful coffee table books portraying landscapes, flora and fauna, and meals, are still the main stock of non-fiction reading to be found on the shelves of book stores situated in malls and airport departure lounges.

But now Periplus stocks two paperback volumes of narrative history, both by Tim: Raffles and the British Invasion of Java, previously reviewed in Indonesian (né Jakarta) Expat, and now this one, the result of far less intensive scholarship, albeit with an extensive bibliography and index.

This book is less concerned with dates than with context. In our inter-connected and interdependent world, the importance of what is now known as the Indonesian archipelago in the shaping of the world geopolitical map we know today is barely recognised by Indonesians themselves, let alone visitors.

The archipelago was formed as Asian and Australian land masses separated, so its early history, was determined by geology and is unwritten except by archaeologists. Climate changes lead to migrations of early hominids; a great Ice Age had lowered sea levels, and what is now a nation was land-linked to Asia and sea journeys were shorter. The Java Man dates back some million years, and the recently discovered in Flores metre high Homo florensiensis proved that sea journeys were made at least 100,000 years ago.

The ‘Hobbits’ were followed much later by the Melanesians, who still predominate in the easternmost regions of the archipelago. Then some seven thousand years ago the Austronesians, “the greatest tribe of maritime travellers the world has ever known“, set forth from “the damp interior of southern China.” It took a further two and a half millennia for them to reach Sulawesi, and that’s when Indonesia’s history began: c.2500BC.

There are no barriers to trade along the coastlines between the Red Sea and Africa in the westerly direction and to Japan and China in the other. The seasonal monsoon winds provided easy sailing through the Malaka Strait. During the equatorial dry season (summer), the winds carried ships with their cargoes to the north-west and to the north-east during the wet season (winter).

Lying midway along the trade route there was the incentive for traders to settle. Here it must be noted that until 1867 when the Straits Settlements on the Malay Peninsula were declared a British crown colony, their affairs were intertwined with those of south Sumatra and west Java in terms of trading and piracy.

The volcanic activity and tropical climate provided the fertility suitable for agricultural settlements, particularly in Java. As well as goods to sell or barter, traders brought their religions – Hinduism and Buddhism, and later Islam – and languages. These traders also sought the riches found here: tin from Palembang in south Sumatra which also provided pepper, and the spices, nutmeg and cloves, from the far Moluccas,

Before then, there were ”Empires of Imagination”: Here and there some pretender prince, with ideas too big for the traditional role of village chief, might have seized control of a federation of hamlets or a growing port. Once he had done so he would have found himself in need of a political concept to bolster his new position as head of a proto-state. The Indian idea of kingship was perfect for the task.

Situated at the junction of the sea lanes in south Sumatra, from the 7th to 12th centuries the Buddhist trading ‘empire’ of Srivijaya (aka Sriwijaya) was able to dominate the surrounding states, including those across the Straits of Malaka. By the time its influence had waned some six centuries later, kingdoms in Java had had already sought permanence through the construction of stone temples, such as the earliest on the Dieng plateau which were built by Shiva worshippers.

The Sailendra Dynasty in central Java, a trading rather than a maritime kingdom, possibly had ties with Srivijaya because of the religious connection, Mahayana Buddhism, as portrayed in their monument Borobodur built during the 8th and 9th centuries. They were supplanted by the Sanyaya dynasty who took Shiva, the Hindu god as their key deity and erected Prambanan Temple and lots of smaller temples in the surrounding countryside.

In East Java, at the end of the 13th century, the Mongols, who were then ruling China, sent a number of fleets to extract tribute from the traders. In 1293, the final one was repelled by Raden Wijaya, who had invited them in the first place  He then “went back to his little village … and turned it into an empire called Majapahit. … Later Javanese kings, nineteenth century European orientalists and strident Indonesian nationalists have all retooled its reputation to fit their own prejudices and purposes.”

The introduction of Islam is less well documented. By the early thirteenth century there would almost certainly have been Muslim communities living in ports around the Straits of Malaka. Hannigan suggests that the creeping conversion could well have been a matter of “kingly pragmatism”, the need to work with the increasing number Muslim traders passing though or settled with local wives, the first converts.

It is in relatively recent times, the past 400 hundred plus years, that European powers, the Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French – named the “Spice Invaders” by Hannigan – came in search of the source and tried with varying success to monopolise the trade. However, events ‘back home’ were to lead to what is now an independent Indonesia

The storming of the Bastille in 1789 and the start of the French Revolution lead in political and economic terms to what has been termed ‘Age of Enlightenment’.

Out of this came the idea of European intellectual and moral superiority and the spurious moral imperative – the idea that “we know what’s best for them” and the contemptuous notions of the ‘ignorant native’ and the ‘Asiatic despot’.

One may surmise that the ‘inferiority complex’ engendered remains in the national psyche, and is the fundamental reason for the current rise in nationalism.

Sukarno once said: “Never forget your history.”

To which I would add “especially that not written by the winners.” At the book launch in Jakarta I suggested that this ‘Brief History’ should be translated into Indonesian as an all-purpose supplement to the bleak and shallow versions of national history ‘approved’ by successive governments.
Note: Tim Hannigan’s Raffles book has recently been translated into Indonesian and is available in Gramedia.
First published in the Indonesian Expat magazine, Issue 153.

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