Image of the Mid-Week – 164 (Lapindo)

Still Lost Lives!

I wanted to post this overhead view of the Sidoarjo Mudflow (which local people refer to as Lapindo), but it’s way too big to fit on this page.

The mudflow has been erupting since May 28, 2006; it’s the largest in the world and has displaced more than 40,000 people and it will probably outlive us all.

I haven’t written about it much recently, but a search of my archives in the right sidebar for Lapindo and/or Sidoarjo Mudflow will find many posts and references, including an ‘interview’ with Abdurizal Bakrie, whose family owned Lapindo Brantas has once again this week and finally (?) been held responsible for the disaster.

In my interview with AB, he ‘told’ me this: “You know about the mudflow was caused by the Yogya earthquake .. yeah, yeah, I’m getting fed up with the lies of geologists … but we’re interested in a win-win situation.

“We’re planning a worldwide chain of Sidoarjo Spas which would offer mud baths, along with the usual manicures, pedicures and so on. The so-called ‘refugees’ in the area will be shareholders. This is why we’ve only paid them 20% of the compensation they were expecting; the rest will be invested in shares which we anticipate will yield a healthy 2% per annum and ……

Ah, yes, the compensation.

Last December, just over six months ago, the government finally agreed “to go another extra mile to bail out the powerful Bakrie family to settle the remaining compensation for victims of the Lapindo mudflow disaster in Sidoarjo, East Java.”

This was three years after it was announced thatcompensation would come soon.

This is Ramadhan, the Muslim fasting month, an expensive time when food prices rise, thanks to hoarders, everyone seeks to look their finest, to make donations and to give presents to loved ones back in their home villages and towns.

One can only think that those still waiting for the agreed compensation for the loss of their land heard this news just over a week ago: No money for Lapindo victims before Idul Fitri.

The victims of the Lapindo mudflow in Sidoarjo, East Java, will have to postpone spending Rp 781 billion (US$60 million) in compensation until after the Idul Fitri celebrations because of a prolonged document-verification process.

The compensation is a loan from the central government to PT Minarak Lapindo Jaya (MLJ), the unit of a holding group belonging to business tycoon Aburizal Bakrie, which is responsible for paying for the victims’ land that was engulfed in the mud.

“We’ve only received 44 files [of the 3,337 which need to be processed] from MLJ today. Not all the files relating to affected residents have been recorded as clear, as some still need to be verified again,” the Lapindo Mudflow Mitigation Agency (BPLS) protection and social empowerment working group leader Priambodo said at the Sidoarjo regency hall on Friday.

What are the odds that I will be posting something similar next year?

Image of the Week – 163 (Plastic Flamingos)

Last Monday (22nd) Don Featherstone died aged 79. You may not know his name, but millions of Americans do. His name is engraved on the bottom of millions of pink plastic flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber plasticus) which they’ve planted in their yards – that’s ‘gardens’ if you’re British.

It seems easy to offer a sardonic commentary, but we Brits have also contributed kitsch to the decorative scene: flying ducks* or, as I once had, plaster dogs.

Before I offer a selection of obituary quotes, let us respect the memory of someone who fate decreed would offer a “flagrant totem of suburban satisfaction and, in later years, postmodern irony.” Few achieve such immortality.

After all, few, if any, know where garden gnomes came from. Or where they go.

From Yankee Magazine: Invented by Don Featherstone in 1957, the creatures’ sole breeding ground for 50 years was the Union Products factory. From there, they migrated to front lawns and flowerbeds around the world – no small feat for such a generally lethargic creature. (The plastic flamingo has, on occasion, been clocked at the feisty speed of 120 mph, although that seems to happen only in Florida during hurricane season.)

From the New York Times: An index, years later, of how deeply ingrained Mr. Featherstone’s creation had become could be found in the response his wife, Nancy, often got when she told people what he had invented.

“Someone did that?” came the reply, as if the bird, like its flesh-and-blood antecedent  Phoenicopterus ruber was a product of Darwinian evolution.

Mr. Featherstone’s bird inflamed passions pro and con. In 2009, after a debate of five minutes, the Common Council, as the city council of Madison, Wis., is known, voted 15 to 4 to designate the pink plastic flamingo the city’s official bird.

Elsewhere, however, some homeowners’ associations banned the creature, deeming it a despoiler of property values.

*Asidenote: One of my very few regrets in life is that I recall turning down the opportunity in a London flea market to buy two flying ducks because there were only two. However, they were rare because they were flying right to left, against the flock.

Image of The Week – 162 (Paragraphs)

Andy Bodle wrote this a couple of weeks ago: If the statistics are to be believed, by the end of this sentence, I’ll have lost most of you because according to some estimates, the average time spent on a webpage is 15 seconds.

Fifteen seconds. This texty, Tweety, Viney world has apparently already so degraded our attention spans that we can’t concentrate on anything for longer than it takes to tie a shoelace. And so webmasters worldwide have launched an emergency austerity programme, pruning, paring, compacting everything possible in a frantic attempt to spare our readers a few precious seconds.

Now read on

Image of the Week – 161 (I.o.W Festivals)

Back in 1970, having served three years learning what it took to be a primary school teacher in inner London, I decided that it was time for some ‘me’ time and planned to set off on my first set of worldly travels early the following year.

I had been a bystander during much of the ‘hippy era': a straight school teacher could hardly, in the memorable words of Timothy Leary, “tune in, turn on and drop out(video). However, the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970  (video – ignore the last four minutes) did offer me the opportunity to get past the school-university-school life I had lead and into my life long adventure of self-discovery.

There was some great music, Free in particular, but I slept through two hours of the Who’s three hour set and missed all of Jimi Hendrix’s last public performance because I was snugly wrapped in my grey ankle-length Czechoslovakian army greatcoat.

My one regret though, which I have retained through the years, is that my very beautiful ticket was torn in half upon entrance; I knew that it was something I would have wanted to keep in my archives.

I now wonder if it was anything like the one on this Wikipedia page, or maybe it was this image, reproduced as one of a series in the Guardian because finishing today is I.o.W 2015?

Image of the Week – 160 (Miyoshi Masato)

Ubud – A Timelapse by Miyoshi Masato

Multi-talented musician-artist Miyoshi Masato, the stage name of Tri Susanto, is originally from Yogya. but moved to Bali in 2006.

I am a violin player who plays solo and creates live compositions on stage using a looper pedal and combining different violin playing techniques – picking, bowing, slapping – in order to explore the sounds.”

Also watch recent performances: solo and with a dancer.
Miyoshi’s SoundCloud.

IndoJazzia Is Going Places

With the news that 11 year old Indonesian pianist Joey Alexander’s first album, My Favourite Things, topped the jazz charts in the first week of release, the Indonesian jazz scene seems to be in quite a good place in the jazz firmament.

Joey is undeniably an incredible talent, a prodigy as I confirmed when I saw him in concert (video) in August 2013. Much is made of his extreme youth and I wondered then if the rest of the audience were there to bathe in reflected glory. Sadly for them, he has been fast-tracked for an O-1 visa “for individuals with an extraordinary ability” and can no longer be regarded as Indonesian.

However, there have been, and are, many outstanding jazz musicians here. In the 50s Bubi Chen (1938-2012), the pianist widely recognised as the ‘Godfather’ of Indonesian jazz, spent two years in the USA studying jazz piano under the tutelage of Teddy Wilson, sometime accompanist for Billie Holiday. Two young drummers, Demas Narawangsa and Sandy Winarta, are currently studying jazz in the USA; pianist Nial Djuliarso studied at both Juilliard and Berklee. Moreover, several talented musicians, such as Sri Hanuraga, Adra Karim and Elfa Zulham, have completed their jazz studies at European universities.

Indonesian jazz is a tale of generations, politics and class structure, a history as yet untold.

I arrived in Jakarta at the tail end of 1987 and as an inveterate seeker of jazz, progressive rock and ‘world music’, I soon discovered the pirate cassette scene. This had such a wide range of western and otherwise unobtainable music that its influence in the development of Indonesia’s music scene cannot be under-estimated.

I found Neil Ardley’s Kaleidoscope of Rainbows (1976), played by the crème de la crème of Britjazz, his compositions were based on the five note pelog scale used in Balinese music. This lead me to search for Ardley’s ‘mirror’, examples of ‘traditional’ Indonesian music fused with jazz, I travelled widely through the archipelago in my pre-family days, from North Sumatra to the Molluccas, and made a point of collecting cassettes recorded locally. I came to appreciate that each region had its own music traditions, with a range of particular instruments, often including electric keyboards.

I also discovered that such jazz as existed appeared to be formulaic; piano, guitar, bass, drums and maybe saxophone, backing a pop singer whose melodies and lyrics, with the word ‘cinta‘ sprinkled generously throughout, were invariably sugary. Newcomers to jazz will recognise the labels ‘lounge’ and ‘smooth’, but it’s muzak to my ears.

According to Professor Royke Koapaha at Yogya ISI, in the 50s and 60s classical music was considered high class and jazz “low class”; to be caught playing it invited scorn. There was also President Soekarno’s mid-sixties ‘war against the Beatles’ and other ‘western influenced music’. Was the jazz I was hearing ‘subversive’?

Soeharto’s accession to the presidential seat in 1966 let the shackles off anti-west sentiments. The following year, having played at a jazz festival in Europe, the Indonesian All-Stars, comprising Bubi Chen on piano and kecapi (Sundanese zither) Jack ‘Lemmers’ Lesmana (guitar), Marjono, saxophonist and suling (bamboo flute), Jopie Chen (bass), and Benny Mustapha van Diest (drums), recorded an album in Austria with Tony Scott, the American jazz clarinettist and arranger. Djanger Bali is now recognised as a seminal album in Indonesian jazz history.

After that, there appears to have been a lull in the jazz scene. Psychedelic music captured imaginations for a while, and then Jack Lesmana is credited with introducing jazz rock music in the early 70’s. This was followed by a prog-rock scene which has lasted to this day. Notable names included Soekarno’s son, Guruh, who, in 1976, played gamelan on a recording with a group called Gypsy; the album, Guruh Gypsy, is now regarded as a classic.

In 1989, ethno-jazz re-emerged. Bubi Chen, “credited with adding an Indonesian flavor to jazz music especially at a time when President Sukarno despised western music”, may have been the catalyst with the release of his cassette only album, Kedamaian. Accompanied by kecapi (zither) and suling (bamboo flute), his playing flows over Sundanese (West Java) melodies.

In the early 90s, Krakatau, a fusion jazz group lead by classically trained pianist Dwiki Dharmawan, incorporated Sundanese percussion and wind instruments, with western instruments tuned to slendro and pelog scales. The group Java Jazz, formed by keyboardist Indra Lesmana, son of Jack, was to follow suit. Balinese guitarist Dewa Budjana, mentored by Indra, replaced the deceased saxophonist Embong, and the group forged a catalogue of tunes based not only on technical ability and melodic sense but also their different ethnic backgrounds.

The first JakJazz festival in 1988, co-ordinated by guitarist Ireng Maulana, was notable for easy listening artists such as Lee Ritenour and Phil Perry, with but a few truly creative groups such as Itchy Fingers from the UK and Kazumi Watanabe from Japan.

Ten years later, President Habibie’s initiative to dissolve the Ministry of Communication may have been the trigger which released jazz, the music of creative improvisation, of play. With access to the internet and the growth in Indonesia’s economy since then, ‘jazz cafes’ have proliferated urban centres and festivals are held throughout the archipelago. Universities and music schools have established jazz departments staffed by professional musicians, many of whom were mentored by their ‘seniors’.

Jazz is about community, not about individual celebrity status and mentoring through the generations has been a notable feature of its current dynamism, for example: Jack Lesmana to Indra to Eva Celia; Benny to Barry and Utha Likumahuwa. Riza Arshad, founder of ethno-jazz group simakDialog, says that he is particularly proud to have played with Bubi Chen. Riza also studied with Jack and Indra Lesmana; and in turn he has mentored pianists Joey Alexander and Sri Hanuraga.

In recent years, a few artists such as simakDialog, Dewa Budjana, and Tohpati have had self-produced albums released internationally on the MoonJune label based in New York. Leonardo Pavkovic has also co-ordinated the recording of albums with A-list western jazz musicians. What is particularly encouraging is the release on MoonJune of self-produced albums by I Know You Well Miss Clara, Tesla Manaf and the power trio Ligro who truly stretch the genre’s boundaries.

Many other musicians, similarly informed by their heritage and the wide range of music of the past sixty years, have distilled that into personal statements. However, few have an outlet other than occasional gigs where fans can buy recordings.

IndoJazzia has been established to support the Indonesian jazz community at large by offering access to information and resources on a communal basis. The website also offers a portal to the many musicians seeking international exposure as well as jazz aficionados abroad newly aware of the astonishing creativity to be discovered here.

A start has also been made on a major project: ‘The History of Indonesian Jazz’. With early pioneers reaching the evening of their days, this is intended to be an audio visual documentary and book, with the possibility of the release of hitherto non-digitalised albums, concert tours and other associated activities.

We welcome all contributions. Please contact us via email.

First published in the Indonesia Expat magazine 29.5.15

Image(s) of the Week – 159 (Oil ‘Field’)

Photograph: Kennardphillipps/Greenpeace

fr. The Guardian: KennardPhillipps’ new version of ‘Christina’s World’ by Andrew Wyeth shows a girl in an oil covered landscape. The original shows the girl in an idyllic field that is now a National Historic Landmark in Maine, USA.

Greenpeace’s new film ‘A Song of Oil, Ice and Fire’ features classic American landscapes and shows how they would look if destroyed by Shell and the oil industry. Greenpeace supporters around the world are calling on Shell to stop drilling for oil in the Arctic.

Last week’s Image showed some of the oil scraped off a beach contaminated by an oil spill from a fractured pipe carrying oil from the Arctic.

Read more here about the Arctic oil fields.

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