I’m Addicted

I used a similar title some three years ago, except I was referring to my Addikshun to my local teenage football club, Charlton Athletic. That ‘we’ have suffered relegation – degradasi in Indonesian – through the arrogant neo-liberal mismanagement by “the wretched Roland Duchâtelet“, a Belgian “entrepreneur, populist politician and mild oddball, [who] owns a syndicate of smallish clubs across Europe.”

In 28 months of Duchâtelet-flavoured weirdness Charlton, a homely old suburban club, have burned through five managers. The current braying-donkey regime, with its cast of pressed men and passers-by has won 18 of 70 matches played. Last month Duchâtelet released a statement defending the club’s chief executive, Katrien Meire, who had compared the club’s fans with cinema viewers and restaurant goers, who don’t “scream to the people in charge” if they’re unhappy with the customer service.

Really? You can walk out of a cinema, and it’s not unknown for customers to ask … nay, demand … to see a restaurant manager if the food and “customer service” doesn’t match the price one is expected to pay. And fans of a football club, one supported by the local community (of which I was once part of), expect a recognition that we are vital to the continued vitality of the club, and not just because we go through the turnstiles for home games.

So, I’m with The Coalition Against Roland Duchâtelet …

I started another addiction when I was eleven or twelve … to the evil weed. And now it’s kretek (clove) cigarettes marketed as Djarum Super which are ready to hand and lips.

This lad started at a much earlier age …

One of Indonesia’s Tobacco Children (video)

And he is why I can’t get around the reasoning behind Indonesia’s ‘War Against Drugs’.

I’ve written at some length about my tobacco addiction before, so there’s really no need for me to run through the health issues I could well be facing.  In brief, therefore, as of December last year tobacco use worldwide causes nearly 6 million deaths per year. In Indonesia it’s more than 200,000 (although I suspect the number is higher as the causes of death are under-reported.)

It’s all very well for tobacco companies here to plant ‘trees for life‘, to sponsor sporting events, and to open self-titled ‘Centres of Educational Excellence‘, yet there’s no glossing over the simple fact that the tobacco companies in question have caused more damage to the health of the nation than any drug trafficker.

According to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) annual drug deaths in the country average about 33 per day: that’s 11,946 per annum, or .05% of the tobacco related deaths. The country’s 477 prisons have a capacity of 118,000 inmates yet currently houses some 183,000. Of that number, some 35% (c.64,000), are there for drug-related offences. Not all can be considered as traffickers, although some judges consider mere possession of small quantities to be evidence of the intent to sell.

The government is making decisions without clearly thinking through the implications.”

Executions of drug traffickers are expected to resume soon, with some 14 out of the c.160 drug dealers currently on death row due to face the firing squads. The date has yet to be announced, but as this is a country which incorporates religion in its constitution, they will probably be in mid-July after the holidays to celebrate the end of Lebaran, the Islamic fasting month. Although earlier this year Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo said that no foreigners were to be executed this year, “those set to be executed comprise foreign nationals and Indonesian citizens.”

Jokowi, Indonesia’s “bloodthirsty” president, has just returned from a jaunt around Europe soliciting foreign investment from countries which have abolished capital punishment. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticised the policy, yet still sought opportunities for further investment by German companies.

While talking up the benefits of Indonesia joining the multi-national corporate-lead trade deals, Jokowi and his fellow neo-liberals lead the populace by the nose in promoting ‘cultural values’ via blinkered nationalism.

And it’s not just the moral integrity of the nation and its citizens which suffers.

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) was originally established as a response to the AIDS epidemic. However, the police were given oversight and activists and NGOs withdrew their participation and organised their own response. Now  the infamous Budi Waseso is in charge and targeting not only drug traffickers, but also drug users.

With drug dependency being criminalised, with rehabilitation a punishment rather than being part of the government’s social welfare programmes, the health of the nation can only suffer.

Research has shown that “the earlier a person uses tobacco, the more likely he or she is to become a regular drug user as an adult.”

It’s probably too late for me to give up my addictions but not for the kid pictured above.
fr. Jakarta Post 25.4.16
Police are urging the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to resolve a cse involving Belawan Police narcotics division chief Adj. Comr. Ichwan Lubis who has been accused of laundering more than Rp.2 billion ($148,000) obtained from drug dealing.
Also in Detik 24.4.16 (in Indonesian)

Image of the Week – 207 (Jakarta Map)

What’s wrong with this?

It’s from The Official Jakarta Pocket Map 2015, a pdf download offered by Enjoy Jakarta, the official Jakarta Tourism website. I really wanted the presumably more detailed City Map, but that link doesn’t work.

A better download is the Heritage Brochure. It does have the same minimal street map, but the TransJakarta Busway network shown, albeit a little outdated, is especially useful.

Image of the Week – 206 (Overheating)

News that the global temperatures of the past two months have “smashed” century old records is not surprising to those of us who’ve prayed for rains this assumed-to-be rainy season.

On a personal level, I’m unaccustomed to perspiring profusely while sitting staring at my computer screen. Has that been because of my apparently impossible to throw off bronchial condition? Or is the malaise itself due to global warming?

And the worse is yet to come.

Work, Buy, Consume, Die …. and burn in hell.

Image of the Week – 205 (Wi-Fi Wine)

I’m not a wine drinker; I have memories of the bottle of sickly sweet Sauternes my parents bought every Xmas and we’d all have a small glass to sip during the day’s main meal. “No more,” my mother would say, “It will dilute the digestive juices.

Visiting them a couple of months later, I’d get offered another glass from the same bottle, which I’d tactfully refuse. Maybe they could have been a Kuvee customer.

Note: This is not an advertisement per se even though I’m quoting blurb and giving the link to the website of the company which has attracted $6 million of venture capital.

The company is offering a way to stop air from entering an opened bottle of wine to reduce oxidation and preserve flavour. With Kuvee, a bottle is kept completely tight, meaning your wine of choice will last up to 30 days.

How does it work? Just insert your original bottle into the Kuvee system which provides a Wif-Fi connection and offers built-in touch screen to give you information about what you are drinking and the number of glasses you have left.

Can you trust a company which employs someone with the responsibility for “Customer Happiness” and another who is a “Wine Influencer”?

Anyone taken in by all this flimflammery is a plonker.

Compost Mentis

The beginnings of Suharto’s downfall in May 1998 occurred some twenty years ago as the Asian Economic Crisis unfolded. Students lead the initial protests in Indonesia, but their cause was intrinsically inward looking: the rising prices of basic commodities. With him gone, reformasi began, but it meant different things to us all.

As the new President, Habibie undertook numerous political reforms. No longer strictly limited to three political groupings, some 48 political parties competed in the following year’s parliamentary election. Habibie’s government passed the Regional Autonomy Law which devolved many central government responsibilities to the provinces. Perhaps only those who were already stalking the corridors of power realised the scale of personal enrichment that was now possible.

Some of us applauded the freeing of the press, little realising that the newly enfranchised politicos could now control public opinion through the building of local and national media empires.

The emerging internet was, however, initially beyond control. News, via emails, could be widely dispersed, and the first ‘social medium’, web-logs, appeared. For a while here in Indonesia they were a power for good. The Guardian newspaper included this blog in its daily digest, and in the immediate aftermath of the Aceh Tsunami, the Indonesia Help blog was set up to circulate information, as well as requests and offers of help and funds. It was also of value in the aftermath of subsequent earthquakes and tsunamis in Java and Sumatra.

For a few years following the dawn of the current millennium the Indonesian blogosphere was a vibrant ‘community’ of writers exercising their right to express opinions in reasoned language. Reformasi also saw the rise of a generation of novelists, notably ‘chick lit‘, which encouraged reading, in itself a new found freedom.

But then came the cell phone, initially a status symbol. Later, with instant messaging and internet connectivity it became the ‘smart’ choice: its apps and the ever evolving social media allowed all and sundry to provide instant non-nutritious snacks, such as Spam, rather than food for thought.

The ability to communicate beyond immediate responses and selfies, to read beyond this point has diminished, and the rakyat enjoys being barely literate.

Societies that do not practice literate behavior are often squalid, undernourished in mind and body, repressive of human rights and dignity, brutal, and harsh.”
Source: Jakarta Post 12.3.16

However, it’s not just those in the lower social strata who have gaps in their intellects. The elite who’ve kept Indonesians in the dark uneducated world, are still here perpetuating their lofty colonial mindset, one that breeds corruption, extremism and environmental degradation.

John Coast spent much of 1947-1949 assisting the nationalist movement in the war for independence. In his book Recruit To Revolution 1, originally published in 1952, he wrote that “those colonized do actually feel themselves to be ‘inferior’ because they have been unable to stop themselves from being subdued.”

That is one explanation. Another is that empathy for the wider community has been diminished and self, or the search for it, is now the driving force in Indonesia’s society.

In 2014 many of us looked forward to a new era when Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo was elected President. He was a ‘man of the people’, having risen from being the mayor of Surakarta (Solo), and then becoming Governor of Jakarta. Few of us considered his background as a local businessman, or that he was a protegé of Jusuf Kalla, SBY’s first Vice President, nor that his sponsorship by PDI-P, ruled by ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed’ former president Megawati, gave him little leeway for any radical changes to the nation’s mindset.

What we have witnessed is a return to faux nationalism, and been told that little good can come from foreign influences.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”
Dr. Johnson (1709 – 1784)

Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie agreed that Indonesia needed a long-term development plan set by the MPR based on recommendations from the public, so the government did not have to seek advice from foreign financial experts who could discredit the country.

Presumably he was referring to himself, and it was his way of shielding himself from this: The Bakrie Group does not enjoy a clean reputation. A number of Indonesian companies under its holding are linked to fraud practices (e.g. tax evasion) and other scandals (e.g. the mudflow in Sidoarjo, East Java.)

And just this week we discovered that his son Aninda, CEO of the family business group, is among the reported 2961 Indonesian names in the newly leaked Panama Papers.2

Several film stars have been named, but not, to my knowledge, Leonardo di Caprio. He recently visited Leuser National Park in Aceh, North Sumatra. Afterwards he said that the “expansion of palm oil plantations is fragmenting the forest and cutting off key elephant migratory corridors, making it more difficult for elephant families to find adequate sources of food and water.”

An oil palm businessman from Aceh, Asmar Arsyad said, “He should be campaigning for environmental conservation in the Amazon jungle that is being depleted by soy oil plantations.”

So it’s ok to wipe out elephant populations, Asmar?

Finally, an outrageous piece of condescension, although I’m not sure by whom.

Actor Jeremy Irons remembers asking the mayor of Jakarta why they didn’t give people bins so they wouldn’t chuck stuff into the river.

And he said: “Because people would live in them.”
And I said: “Ah, I see your problem.”

1 Recruit To Revolution was republished last year by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS). To my knowledge it is not yet available in Indonesia.
2 Having an offshore entity is not illegal. However, as the companies can be used to avoid payment of taxes in the ‘home’ countries, the named companies and directors now have to face intensive inquiries.

Image of the Week – 204 (Ronnie Corbett R.I.P.)

Ronnie Corbett, “the friendly, giggly raconteur who flirted with taboos.”

Image of the Week – 203 (Bluebirds Over)

There’ll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Just you wait and see

Well, I don’t know about Dover, but over here in Jakarta last Tuesday some 10,000 striking taxi drivers, including from the hitherto most recommended Bluebird fleet, produced some ugly scenes over white taxis bearing passengers, and total traffic chaos.

Not that I’m condoning mob violence and intimidation, but I do think they, and the drivers of most other taxi fleets. have justifiable reasons to be angry. The basic problem is that over the past couple of years a number of companies have opened up app based personal transport door-to-door services. The first on the scene was Go-Jek who ‘professionalised’ the ojek (motorbike taxi) system, which was, and in some areas still is, basically under the control of local gangs.

If I wanted to use an ojek regularly, I’d certainly use Go-Jek. A crash helmet is provided, there’s no haggling over fares, and if anything goes wrong, then there is company back up. As it is, there are no ojeks suitable for my frame, and given the chaotic road conditions, I figure four wheels are safer than two. Besides, for general purposes I value public more than private transport.

More recently Uber, with its headquarters in San Francisco, and Grab Taxis, from Malaysia, have hit the streets. In using driver-owned vehicles, capital investment is reduced, and therefore the need to acquire land for overnight depots. Having representative offices has, so far meant that their operations are not governed by the regulations enforced on public transport operators. Potential passengers have been attracted by their low fares, compared to those of licensed and metered taxis. Presumably taxes are paid by the drivers, but in not having a local company managing operations, corporate taxes are avoided.

Hence the current low fares, but all that may change. The two major licensed taxi companies, Bluebird and Express are highly profitable, yet their drivers earn an average just 35% more than the basic set by City Hall. Not all of the cabs have GPS, and although, to my knowledge, one can order and schedule a ride from all taxi companies, they have not yet caught up with the app based operators.

Maybe they should.

As of Friday, the government have given Uber and Grab until May 31st get all the necessary licences to operate. This will also require their drivers to get a licence to drive public transport vehicles. That Grab claim to have started the process some three months ago should serve as a warning to potential investors in Indonesia: the bureaucracy will ensnare you regardless of pronouncements from decision makers.

Uber’s slogan is ‘Where Lifestyle Meets Logistics’, so would I use them or Grab?

Nope, I don’t have a smart phone, and don’t wish to dumb down to the lifestyle they refer to. I’m quite happy to go off line, to spend quality time with a book, in discussion or listening to music. In other words, I make time for creativity, for thinking, and developing because I value my lengthy attention span.

So excuse me: there’s a wresting repeat I want to catch on the sport channel.

BTW. I found the image above on Reggy Hasibuan’s Farcebook page. He’s a funny guy, so check him out.

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